As owner and operator of the Fort Tumbleweed site dealing with kinds of antiques, relics and museum items for narly half a century, I have gained a vast amount of hands on experience in examining and appraising artifacts and antiques. I also have on call a talented team of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas.

If you have a collection of artifacts and need help identifying what they were used for or just need a ball park idea of their value, send us an email with an attached closeup photo of the point or collection. We examine the artifact, gather additional information as needed and prepare a report.


The minimum charge for an online appraisal is $50.00 ($125.00 for a related collection of up to 10 items).


You can order our online appraisal service by clicking the "ORDER" button and following the screen prompts.

Many types of items can be appraised from a good set of photos. However, some items like Indian Relics must be tested in the lab for authenticity. Otherwise, we can only estimate a value for authentic items and another value if the item is modern made.

If sending in artifacts for appraisal, we strongly urge that you carefully pack your artifacts in bubble wrap, enclose all known information about them, and insure the shipment.
Our Mailing address is: Fort Tumbleweed, ATTN: Appraisals Dept
1264 FM 2116, Rockdale, Texas 76567


If you have a single item or several items that you're trying to determine a fair market value on, we can usually do that from attached photos sent by email. However, determining the authenticity and age of an item requires close examination of the relic in our lab. Contact us for a quote for authentication services.


Basic Apprisal Service for Single item working from photo.

Single Item Appraisal Service

Single item online appraisal service working from a photograph. Typically, we get back to you by email with an estimated market value of the item within 2 to 3 weeks.


Appraisal Services for Collection of up to 10 items

We work from photographs to determine a reasonable market value for a collection of items. Note that we cannot verify authenticity of items without examining the items in our lab. We can however give you an estimated value assuming the items are authentic and a value if they are not. The time to produce the appraisal report is 2 to 4 weeks depending on rarity of items being appraised.

For more information, send me an Email at

or call me at (512) 630-4619.


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