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History of Reagan

Former Residents of Reagan

Early-day businesses of Reagan

Graduating Classes, Sports Teams and Extra Curricular Activities Roosters

Remember when ...???? Events that happened in Reagan some 50+ years ago.

Take a tour of the Reagan School campus that existed some 50+ years ago.

History of the Reagan Area

Waite Cemetery Listing (Where most of my former neighbors in Reagan are now buried)

Blueridge Cemetery Roll, Falls County, Texas

Email Address of Former Reaganites

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Hog Island Cemetery Listing

Johnson Cemetery Listing

Powers/McCaleb Cemetery Listing

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Mustang Prairie Settlement Webpage

Historic Liberty Hill Cemetery Listing.

North Blue Ridge (Stranger)Settlement

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118 County Road 234, Reagan 76680

WELCOME to the
Friends of Reagan
Email Listing Page.

This page will be used to exchange email addresses and other contact information for all former and current residents of the great town of Reagan. Your help is needed to make this a great resource for former and present Reaganites.

Donna Joan Wyatt Meyer Bradley

Susan Hetherington Lloyd, daughter of Travis Hetherington.

Ann Stricklin Byer

Charles Currey

Major Jeffrey Thomas Davison">

Louise (Storemski) Erwin

Mandy Erwin

Gail Haak, Marlin

"Gail Haak"
Granddaughter of Hy Heflin and Willie Mae Heflin of Reagan (daughter of Billie Hy Heflin Maxwell). Hy Heflin and Willie Mae Heflin have a second daughter, Mayme Louise Garrett who is married to O.B.Garrett, Jr. in Tyler, Texas.

Billy Jones

Billy Jones is related to the pioneer Jones and Moore families of Reagan. In particular, Luther Moore who came to Reagan about 1882. Luther married Eliza Jones daughter of James Dozier Jones in Scott County Mississippi about 1870. They were in Scott County, Mississippi when the 1880 census was taken and had several children. At the time they came to Reagan, Mrs. Eliza Moore (Nee Jones) had six siblings already living in the Reagan cmmunity. They were Robert Bruce Jones, Charley Jones (in 1916 he was post master at Highbank and his daughter married Abner Peacock). William H. Jones who arrived in 1877, Nora Jones married a Flowers and is buried in Bremond Cemetery, Richard Jones who was still living in Reagan in 1910, and Edward Jones left Reagan in 1902 and moved to San Antonio. Mrs. Eliza Moore's mother, Elizabeth lived in Reagan in the 1890's after her husband died but returned to Scott County before her death.

Joy(Joy Ann Joyner) Flowers

Marilyn Maniscalco Henley

Patricia Kelly Gandy

Donovan Kirkpatrick

Leonard Kubiak
Address: 1264 FM 2116,
Rockdale, Texas 76567
Telephone: 512 630-4619

Richard and Linda Kubiak

Anne Lawver; Great-niece of Claude Buell. Her mother is Betty Ivin Raiford Cookson.

A.C. Martin;Resident of Highbank in the 1930's

George S. MacDonald
Address: 574-A Ave. J. East
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050-2548
Tel. # 972-647-9219

James L. Matthews

Gary McCaleb
"Gary McCaleb"

Lena Contella McCann

Robbie Morrison

Margaret Rohde

Margaret's address is 2801 63rd Street Lubbock, Texas 79413 . Margaret is the daughter of Nettie Frances Shaunfield Rohde. Her grandmother was Margaret Hetherington and she was married to George Wallace Shaunfield who was a twin to Enoch Shaunfield.

Norman R. Short

Beverly Ann Stone

Delores Stone Escelera

Nancy Thomason

India Ruth Burke Thompson

Milton and Peggy Turnipseed

Fred and Eddie VanCleave

Evelyn (Snider)Welborn
Evelyn Snider Welborn attended the Reagan campus in 1947 and 48 when the Bill Snider family moved to Rosenberg.

Jessie Wyatt Innmon-the daughter of Rev. W.R. Wyatt was the Reagan Baptist Minister from the Summer of 1947 through the Summer of 1951. Her sisters were June, Jean, Jane and Joan Wyatt.

If you or any of the friends of Reagan have any additional email addresses you'd like to have posted on this website, send me an email at or write me at: 1264 FM 2116, Rockdale, Texas 76567

Leonard Kubiak

For information about the Reagan Homecoming Association, contact:
Elmer Cohn
P.O. Box 88
Reagan,Texas 76680

To get something posted on the Reagan webpage, send me an Email at

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