The Blue Ridge Webpage contains the early-day history of Blue Ridge, Texas and a listing of the Blue Ridge Cemetery.

Blue Ridge is a small community just a few miles east of Reagan off ranch road 1771 in Falls County.

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Texas Historical Marker

Historical Marker at the Blue Ridge Baptist Church

Blue Ridge Baptist Church

"Organized in 1859 by 11 charter members. Worship has been held regularly since. Z.N. Morrell and Judge R.E.B. Baylor were among the early missionaries holding services in the settler's log cabins. George Harlan deeded 28 acres for the church, school and cemetery in 1873. The land is part of a grant given by Mexico in 1835 to his father, Doctor Isaiah Harlan.

The first church building also housed an early school. Church has sponsored annual "May Day Singing" since 1887. Descendants still attend.

The third (present) sanctuary was build in 1908".

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1970


Blue Ridge is a small community just a few miles east of Reagan off ranch road 1771 in Falls County.

The following interview with Mrs. Walter Emmett Hunnicutt, Marlin, Texas provides an insight to early-day Blue Ridge, Kosse, and reagan history:
"My husband, Judge Walter Emmett Hunnicutt, was born June 11, 1865, and he passed away in December 1936. He was Judge of Falls County for fourteen years, at different times. He was the son of Winfield S. Hunnicutt, who came to Texas in 1849 and established his rural home in the Blue Ridge community where he continued to reside until his death in 1908. Mr. Scott Hunnicutt was a member of Company B, of Waller's battalion, General Hardeman's brigade of the Confederate Army. He was a native of Tennessee before coming to Texas.

"The pioneer record for large families was almost broken by Judge Hunnicutt's father and mother, above mentioned. There were seventeen children, my husband being among this number. I married Walter Hunnicutt on December 12, 1894. My maiden name was Miss Mattie Keyser and I was the daughter of W. D. Keyser a pioneer stockman and farmer, and business man of Merlin, Texas. My father and mother came to Texas from Alabama.

"Judge Walter Hunnicutt was reared near the place of his birth in Falls County and there his education began. He spent some time in Southwestern College at Georgetown, Texas, and two years in the school of Mr. Chamber's in Kossee. For two years after leaving his school work, he devoted his life to farming but was not content and a long cherished idea of joining the legal profession caused him to enter the office of Goodrich and Clarkson, one of the most noted firms of that day of the Brazos Valley. {Begin page no. 2}"Judge Hunnicutt was admitted to the bar at Marlin before Judge [Scott,?] being examined by Messrs Swan, Harlan and Boyles. Before he completed his preparation for the bar, he had the honor of being elected District Clerk of Falls County, and held this office for two years. He then began the practice of law in Marlin and pursued it for four years, then he was elected County Judge, and was re-elected at different times for this office, in all, serving fourteen years.

"He was Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge #152 at Marlin, and also a member of the [Moccabees?] and Woodmen of the World. For his church affiliations he was a Methodist. Our children are Emmett Jr., who resides with me and who married Miss Josephine Merriman of Lockport, New York, where he resided for twenty years before returning recently to our home in Marlin, where he is doing work for the government. Horace T., died in 1919, at the age of eighteen, these two boys were our only children.

["Before he completed his preparations for the bar, he had the honor of being elected District Clerk for Fall County and held this office for two years, then began the practice of law in Marlin and for four years followed his profession. Then he was elected County Judge; he served in this capacity for fourteen years.?]

"During Judge Hunnicutt's life as Judge there were many interesting things which happened in our county and town. He lived to see it grow from a small village to the present [??] where many come for the healing benefit of the Marlin hot water. Judge Hunnicutt died in December of 1936.

"I will try to tell you about some of the first families of the Blue Ridge community where Judge Hunnicutt's father settle in 1849, and the way they lived at that time. The Forbes family came to the {Begin page no. 3}[?] from Tenneessee. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Forbes arrived in the early fifties. His son, Dr. L. D. Forbes, graduated from the New Orleans school of medicine, and practiced both on the Ridge and in Marlin. The older Forbes built their home on the spot where Mrs. Forbes lives today. They built in the fifties, long before the Civil War. Aside from his practice of medicine, Mr. L. D. Forbes invented a mechanical cotton gin, where the feeders automatically carries the cotton to the gin-saws or units. Near the Forbes and Barclay homes there was located a mule-driven gin. This gin was across the road from the Swinnes place, owned by Bill [?] and later, by Ed Vann. It was moved down near Big Creek and used until discarded for a newer [?] model.

"Another early family to settle on the Ridge was the Barclay family whose [?] was known as the "Squire" and they lived in a log house on the spot a few hundred yards north of where Hancock's store stands today. Farther north east on the Ridge the Garretts lived. They came from Tenneessee about 1849. The old home, with some improvement, stands today, a silent reminder of those early days. The family history is one of [?], destiny and accomplishment. The original head of the family was Thomas Garrett. His children were Jasper, Mary Elizabeth, Cynthia Ann and Catherine, Jim, [?], Sarah, Tome and Rennie. All are linked with history and development of this section of the country.

"As we follow the Ridge in the location then of what is now Stranger, the next old home place is that of the Brothers family. Jesse Brothers with his wife and children came from Tenneesee to Texas in the late fifties. They brought their slaves with them. Like so many of their {Begin page no. 4}neighbors, they sought new fortunes in the land [?] their former fellow-[?], Sam Houston, and found a lot. They also sought relief from the troubled question of slavery; the Brothers family, with their slaves, camped under the big oak tree that stands today in the middle of the road as you approach the Ridge in the section now known as [?]. They settled near the Barclay family who kindly [???] stock for meat for the family. [?] men went as far as [?] County looking at the country; they returned to the Ridge an' bought land on the [?] hill overlooking Big Creek and began to build their homes. Grandpa Jesse Brothers served in the Civil [?], returned [?] on a furlough and died before the war ended. He left several sons, among them William, [?], and Jesse, Junior. His sons and grandsons followed farming for [?] occupation.

"[?] South, along the Ridge, lived [??], [?] son, Joel, was supposed to be the first official [??] in the community [????]. [?] is [?] by the older settlers [?] the [????] a quiet friendly old lady with a wealth of lore concerning early days of Texas. We came to this section in the early days with [??] family, her relatives. The old [?] log house is still standing, but has been covered with weather-boarding.

"One of Granny Moffett's daughters married Quinton Vann who farmed on the Little Brazos River. There are many descendants of the Vann family, whose head was William. They came to the Ridge in an early day and William Erskine married Miss Mary Elizabeth Garrett. They built near the little church-school house where the present Methodist church is at Stranger. Frank [?] lives in the spacious old Erskine home in Stranger. {Begin page no. 5}"Still farther south-west, on the Ridge, is the old Eddins' home. John Eddins and family came to Texas from Alabama in 1860; and, after a short stay in Marlin, bought a farm lying close to Big Creek, in a valley between a ridge of hills. The farm now belongs to the Jesse Brothers' estate. Jasper Garrett persuaded Eddins to build his home up on the Ridge about the time the Civil War began. Eddins bought sufficient ground from the Garretts to build the home. Mr. Eddins and his sons had to walk a mile across the sandy ridge to get to his farm, leaving his wife and daughter, Kate to keep house.

"Near the Eddins home was the home of Hodge and also of Swinnes. And nor far away was the pioneer home of Allen Morrell, a son of the Baptist preacher, Rev. Z. N. Morrell. Two years ago, all that remained of the Morrell home, a heap of logs, was moved to the Falls County Old Settlers Association grounds and there were built into a log cabin in remembrance of those early pioneers. This old Morrell home stood on a spot later occupied by the home of Bill Fannin; then Grady Blair bought the place. It stood on top of the Ridge, overlooking Big Creek Valley and from it could be seen one of the most picturesque views in the county. For miles one could see the farms, dotting the countryside, with little spots of grass land and trees scattered about. Through this country runs old Big Creek which flows into the Brazos River. East of this Morrell home is the town of Marlin.

"Mr. W. T. Fannin came to the Ridge in 1875 and bought the Moffett home; later it was sold to the Blairs. On the Ridge, southwest of the Moffett home was the home of the Prices. W. A. Price, Junior, a son of the pioneer lives in the old Price home today. {Begin page no. 6}In 1882, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Shaw came to the Ridge to live and settled east of the Price home. Dr. Shaw served fifteen months in the Alabama Calvary of the Confederate Army. He was a native of Alabama and his wife, Miss Nannie Sypart, was a Tennessean. Dr. Shaw practiced on the Ridge for many years, then moved to Marlin, where he died. His son, Dr. Frank Shaw succeeded him in his practice.

"About a mile south of the Stranger store, [?] Rogers and John Marlin settled a few years after the battle of San Jacinto. The Rogers family settled on the Ridge, while the Marlin family settled at a place known as [?], a few miles south of the present town of Marlin. The Rogers and the Merlin families came from Tennessee, following the footsteps of Sam Houston.

"The Kay home and store were built where old Mrs. Gertrude Hancock lived and was south east of Stranger. Mr. Kay was a farmer and devoted church worker. He organized the first Sunday School at Stranger and was superintendent until his death. He was an un-official post master before the rural mail service was established. On business trips to Kosse, he would call for the people's mail and bring it to his store, where they came to get it. Mrs. Kays' son, by a former marriage, was Hollman Hancock. He married Miss Gertrude Garrett, daughter of the pioneer family of Garrets, of Blue Ridge. [?], Sanford Hancock, still owns and operates the store at Stranger on the Ridge.

"It is difficult to give the dividing line between Stranger and the Reagan community. The Stranger community on the Ridge can be seen for miles from the Waco-Marlin state highway. In fair weather, there is always a deep blue atmosphere over it, hence the name of Blue Ridge. The old Hunnicutt home stands overlooking the valley on the Ridge stands today just as it stood when Winfield Scott Hunnicutt located {Begin page no. 7}there in 1849. Additions have been made to the house and the logs covered with weather-boarding lumber. Two of his sons still live in the old house.

"You may stand on the Ridge and look westward where you can see the broad valley as it abruptly drops down below you with a ravine between the Ridge and the valley. Farms, farm houses and the green woods of Big Creek, dot this valley. In the fall of the year cotton pickers can be seen swinging to and fro, gathering the fleecy staple. Tall trees, sloping hill and beautiful prairies form a never-to-be-forgotten picture. About ten miles to the west can be seen the tops of buildings in Marlin, and a few miles beyond Marlin, one can see the trees which border the Brazos River.

"The Ridge gradually slopes south west to the little town of Reagan. Here is a small creek, named Salt Branch and on its banks many of the early settlers sleep the last sleep, unmindful of the changes wrought by Father Times since they came, in their ambition to build new homes, to the new state of Texas.

"To the east, lies the town of Kosse, where the Houston and Texas Central Railroad came through in the seventies. Some of the early Ridge settlers moved over to Kosse for the benefit of the railroad facilities. Among them was Dr. Toland, who came to the Ridge as a young doctor. He, like Dr. Poindexter, boarded at Granny William's. They could tell many a story of those early days. I remember one story that they loved to tell. All the people met at the little church to pray for rain. One woman came with her coat and umbrella, prepared for an answer to their prayers. They brought their lunch and spent the day. Alone in the afternoon, the sky [?] over-cast and by late afternoon, it began to rain and what a rain fell! It rained so hard that all the creeks got out of banks and the crowd {Begin page no. 8}had to spend the night in the little school-church house and they spent the night giving thanks for their answer to prayer. But only one came prepared for an answer to their prayers. It was one of the oldest members of the flock and she declared that in time gone by, the way to receive an answer to prayer, was to have the faith to be ready for it.

"The Pools and the Bells were other families whose names are indelibly written into the history of the Blue Ridge settlement. The Bell family came from Tennessee in the [?]; they had a large family and took an active part in the affairs of the community. Two sons served in the Civil War and one had lost his life in the war with Mexico, along with fifteen other men from [?] county. Other prominent early families were the Arnetts, Mayes, Herron, Nichols, Vann, Hickman, Darden, [?], Saxon, Clawson and many others who lived farther south on the Ridge. About 1870, two single men came from Tennessee; they were Henry Clay [Cowan?] and Jim Owens. Mr. Cowan married Miss Laura Wyche, who was teaching school near Bremond. She was a daughter of Dr. George Wyche who settled in the settlement known so Bedias, near Anderson, Texas, in the days before the Civil War. Jim Owens married Miss Betty Robertson, who came from a large family who lived on the lower Ridge. The Owenses made their home at Reagan, where they reared a family. The Cowan family, with others from the Ridge, moved in the early seventies to what was then known as Willow Springs, and is now the town of Mart.


A post office was established at Blue Ridge in 1854 and discontinued in 1857. Part of the Blue Ridge community was known as Harlanville for a number of years.

Blue Ridge had a school system up until 1948 when it was annexed by the Marlin Independent School District.

Blue Ridge Elementary School Class, Around 1937

This picture, curtesy of Beverly Ann Stone, includes her father, George Cousins Stone Jr., and his brothers Charles Amos Stone, and Clyde Wilber Stone.

This couple was married in the Blue Ridge area in the 1870's! James Knox Polk Poindexter b. March 01, 1841 in TN and d. January 08, 1924 in TX. He married Sarah Elizabeth Robinson September 24, 1871 in Blue Ridge, Falls Co., TX.


Beverly Ann Stone also shared her father's story about the Old Cobb house during the Civil war. It had just been finished as the Civil War began. There was a skirmish near by called the Battle of Jack's Creek (also called Rocky Creek) (Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry). The people took the second layer of boards off the kitchen walls of the Cobb house to use as Coffin material for the six Confederate soldiers killed. They didn't put the union Soldiers in coffins. Until 2001, these walls had never been refinished to their original condition and the house was unpainted.

Received the following letter from Charles Curry (, a former Reagonite:

"After consulting the �Families of Falls County (p.306), I believe that this is the story on the Cobb House at Blue Ridge. It was built by John Sanford Millerman and his wife Mary Harlan. They raised eleven children.

One of the daughters, Sarah, married Benjamin Franklin Cornelison, and then Levi Waddell Kelly. Most of the children of this marriage, you have heard of:

Tom, Jess, Dean, Charles, Claude (a daughter of Claude�s Essye Kelly married Charles Kinard, another daughter was Audrene, & a brother Homer Zay), Oscar (my grandfather), Roscoe, Sanford, Mae, Levi enlisted in the CSA at Bachelor�s Retreat S.C. in June, 1861. He served as a Private, Co. F (Infantry), McGowen�s Brigade, A.P. Hill�s Division, T.J. Jackson�s Corp, Army of Northern Virginia. He was wounded twice, lost three fingers, and suffered from a leg wound until his death.

The house became the Cobb residence when the last daughter of John Sanford Millerman and Mary Harlan married Robert Long Cobb.

It is my understanding that many of the solders from Falls & Robertson County served in Virginia and were stationed from Yorktown to Fredrickburg Va."


Confederate soldiers Buried in the Blue Ridge Cemetery

The following confederate soldiers are listed as buried in the Blue Ridge cemetery:

Book, M.H., b.-, d.-, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, 7 TX Field Btry
Brothers, Jesse D., b. 1 Mar 1814, d. 30 Dec 1862, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, ?Co K, 20 TX Cav
Ethridge, William G., b. 19 Oct 1839, d. 29 Feb 1912, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Co H, 26 LA Inf
Frazier, David, b. 1829, d. 22 Feb1887, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, 1Lt, Co C, 8 TX Inf
Harlan, George, b. 2 Feb 1835, d. 30 Dec 1919, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Co K, 20 TX Cav
Harlan, James H., b. 18 Nov 1839, d. 27 Oct 1926, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Corp, 25 AL Inf
Hunnicutt, W.S., b. 16 Sep 1828, d. 8 Feb 1908, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Co B, Wallers Battn, TX Cav
Millerman, Charles Arrister, b. 1846, d.-, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, 9 TX Regmt
Millermon, G.A., b.-, d.-, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Hanks Co, Gimmerson's Regt (?46 VA Inf)
Mitchell, John Newton, b. 21 Aug 1841, d. killed AR 1862, bur. (marker) Blue Ridge Cem, Co F 20 TX Inf
Saxon, Thomas Lewis, b. 8 May 1841, d. 23 Mar 1882, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Co E, 2 TX Inf
Woodland, Henry, b. 1814, d. 26 Jul 1897, bur. Blue Ridge Cem, Co B, 5 TX Cav ( Republic of Texas Army; Mier Expedition, U.S.-Mexican War, CSA: Company Blialler's Battalion, Green's Brigade, Flardeman's Division of the Trans-Mississipp Army) Blue Ridge Cemetery, Falls County, Texas

Blue Ridge Cemetery Listing

Blue Ridge Baptist Church

Blue Ridge Cemetery.

The Blue Ridge Cemetery, located adjacent to the Blue Ridge Baptist Church, is the final resting place for a large number of people that helped build Texas into a great state and defended Texas in the Texas Revolution, Civil War and both World Wars. As I worked through this list, I discovered a great number of friends and teachers that I knew as a young boy.

AGAN, Pearl, b 6-15-1876, d 7-26-1951

ALSTON, Elizabeth - daughter of Henry & @I.E. Alston, b 9-8-1867, d 9-10-1867
ALSTON, Henry (formerly "VAN ALSTINE), b 1810 in N.Y., d 12-15-1872 - husband of Mary Elizabeth (McCaleb) Alston
ALSTON, James Henry - son of Henry & M.E. Alston, b 8-18-1858, d 7-17-1865

AMARA, Magdoalena, b 6-22-1942, d 8-4-1943
AMARO, Juan P., b 5-27-1909, d 10-25-1878

ANDERSON, Cora M., 1884-1929

CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah (Harlan) - wife of A.G. Chamberlain, and daughter of Silas & Ann Elizabeth (Lester) Harlan, b 9-11-1856, d 6-15-1944
CHAMBERLAIN, Alexander Silas - son of A.G. & S. Chamberlain, b & d 1887
CHAMBERLAIN, McKinney, b 2-9-1906, d 11-27-1967

BARCLAY, David A., b in North Carolina 2-4-1798, d 5-1-1877
BARCLAY, Davis Menefee,, b 7-22-1830, d 3-12-1884
BARCLAY, Dorcas Vardaman (Menefee) - wife of David A. Barclay, b in Kentucky 9-2-1802, d 4-20-1883
BARCLAY, Margaret E. - wife of D.M. Barclay, b 9-10-1826, d 3-29-1902
BARCLAY, Mrs. Mary P. (Long), b 10-26-1837, d 1-31-1913
BARCLAY, William A., b 8-16-1828, d 11-3-1896

BARNES, Emma, b 5-10-1870, d 6-8-1870
BARNES, Eunice - daughter of G.W. & Martha Barnes, b 12-24-1884, d 12-25-1884
BARNES, George Wesley, 1843-1935
BARNES, Martha Ann - wife of G.W. Barnes 1850-1934
BARNES, Nellie, b 10-12-1875, d 10-25-1913
BARNES, Robert S., b- 1-31-1877, d 12-10-1927

BIGHAM, John Robert 1897-1963
BIGHAM, Sally Harlan - wife of J. R. Bigham, 1903-1963

BLAKEY, Mozelle (Mitchell) - daughter of W .H. & M.L. Mitchell, 1886-1945 (full dates: b 4-26-1 886, d 1-18-1945)

BOOK, M.H. (Michael or Marcus) - CSA: 7th Texas Field Battery - no dates; b in Illinois 1835 - m Falls County, Texas 7-2-1870 to Julia Stewart (daughter of Dr. Charles B. Stewart - Signer of Texas Declaration of Independence)

BOWERS, Dolly Hunnicutt, b 5-8-1872, d 4-1-1945

BROTHERS, Jefferson D. - son of J. & M. Brothers, b 12-23-1861, d 9-8-1869
BROTHERS, Jesse D., b 3-1-1814, d 12-30-1862 - CSA
BROTHERS, Milton - son of J. & M. Brothers, b 5-3-1846, d 2-2-1873

BURKE, E. H., b 5-19-1845,d 6-20-1890
BURKE, Elizabeth E. - first wife of W.Z. Burke, b 2-24-1851, d 6-23-1883
BURKE, Ettie E. - daughter of J.H.H. & M.J4 Burke, b 3-15-1870, d 5-27-1871
BURKE, Infant Son of W.Z. & E.E. Burke, b 2-27-1875, d 4-3-1875
BURKE, Isabella C. - second wife of W.Z. Burke, b 9-29-1856, d 9-30-1925
BURKE, Jasper Newton - son of J. & S. Burke, b 11-5-1849, d 7-10-1871
BURKE, Jesse, b 1-8-1806, d 1-23-1874
BURKE, Leoria A. E. - wife of E. H. Burke, b 6-1-1851, d 2-27-1885
BURKE, Sarah (Harlan) - wife of Jesse Burke, b 4-14-1813, d 1-7-1877
BURKE, W. Zebulon, b 11-5-1847, d 5-13-1925
BURKES, John Tom, b 11-22-1876, d 3-16-1949
BURKES, Lula (Vernon), b 10-16-1876, d 2-24-1966
BURKES, Sarah Ellen - daughter of J.L. & L.V. Burkes, b 12-27-1904, d 6-20-1905
BURKES, William Marion, b 9-9-1892, d 3-16-1980

BUTLER, Andrew P., 1881-1916
BUTLER, Charlie R., b 1-26-1886, d 11-2-1960
BUTLER, Edith, b 9-26-1866, d 1-15-1948
BUTLER, Leonard R., b 12-14-1849, d 8-11-1905

BURNEY, Ellen C 1851

CARTER, Sarah Ellen - wife of J. M. Carter, b 1-5-1868, d 1-30-1891
CARTER, Sarah G. - wife of J. M. Carter, b 6-2-1853, d 9-14-1889

The following Chamberlin/Chamberlain/Aldridge updates curtesy of Jim Dixon (

Alexander Hunter and Temperance Killingsworth Aldridge Chamberlin. Alexander Hunter Chamberlin was born July 4, 1818 in Abbeville District, South Carolina and died on February 13, 1883. He married Temperance Killingsworth Aldridge on July 25, 1844 in Autauga County, Alabama. Temperance Killingsworth Aldridge Chamberlin was born on 05 May, 1827 in Choctaw County, Mississippi, the daughter of William Killingsworth and Martha (Ghiberta) Aldridge. She had two sisters, Mary Aldridge and Cornelia Aldridge. Temperance Killingsworth Aldridge Chamberlin died on 08 January, 1862 (About one month after the death of her youngest daughter. She is buried in an unmarked grave on the family property, next to her youngest daughter) near Alto Springs, Falls County, Texas.
The children of Alexander and Temperance Chamberlin include:
William Alonzo Chamberlin, born 01 October 1845; died 15 March, 1864
Angelo Ghiberta Chamberlain, born on 01 October 1847; died 14 May 1923. Angelo Ghiberta Chamberlin was the second child of Alexander Hunter and Temperance Killingsworth (Aldridge) Chamberlin. He was named for his maternal grandmother's family, Martha (Ghiberta) Aldridge, who was the daughter of Angelo and Lucinda (Oliver) Ghiberta.
Francis ("Fannie") Tucker Chamberlain, born on May 30,1849; died 02 Nov 1934 .
Margaret Lucinda Chamberlain, born 23 June 1854; died on 19 July 1940.
Sam Houston Chamberlain; born 19 Feb 1856; died 14 March 1935.
Mary ("Mollie") Elizabeth Chamberlain; born on 16 July 1859; died on 21 Feb, 1942.
Martha Elizabeth Chamberlin; born 16 April 1861; died December 6, 1861 in the Blue Ridge Community, Falls County, Texas.

CHAMBERLIN FAMILY: Originally spelled, in England, "CHAMBERLAINE" and CHAMBERLAYNE". After immigrating to the English Colonies in America, the spelling was changed to "CHAMBERLAIN" and later to "CHAMBERLIN". The latter spelling version was used until after the death of ALEXANDER HUNTER CHAMBERLIN, when his children changed the spelling to "CHAMBERLAIN" again, the spelling version that has been used all of his subsequent direct descendents.

AULDRIDGE (ALDRIDGE) FAMILY: Originally shipbuilders in Maryland, migrated through North Carolina to Georgia. GHIBERTA FAMILY: Angelo and Lucinda (OLIVER) GHIBERTA, of Georgia. Angelo GHIBERTA was of Italian descent. CHAMBERLAIN, Alonzo Harlan - son of Angelo Ghiberta and Sarah (Harlan) Chamberlain, b 10-28-1872, d 10-22-1960
CHAMBERLAIN, Asa - son of A.H. & F.B. Chamberlain, 1901-1921
CHAMBERLAIN, Charlie - son- of Sam Houston & A. Chamberlain, b 5-8-1888, d 5-15-1888
CHAMBERLAIN, Florence Beatrice (McKinney) - wife of Alonzo Harlan Chamberlain, b 7-26-1876, d 9-5-1958
CHAMBERLAIN, Forre st Churchill - son of Alonzo Harlan and F lorence Beatrice
CHAMBERLAIN, Lester Aldridge - son of Angelo Ghiberta & Sarah (Harlan) Chamberlain, b 8-4-1882, d 12-27-1946
CHAMBERLAIN, Marie Twin daughter of A.H. & F.B. Chamberlain, b & d 1908
CHAMBERLAIN, Myra Twin daughter of A.H. & F.B. Chamberlain, b & d 1908

CLARK, Lillian Beatrice, b 10-10-1889, d 12-23-1880
CLARK, Margaret Beeman, 1843-1918
CLARK, Thomas Neilson (Medical Doctor), 1832-1904
CLARK, William Everheart, 1875-1927

CLAWSON, Arnold no dates
CLAWSON, Ivan B. 2 1896 -1964
CLAWSON, J. S., b 10-4-1865, d 1-23-1911
CLAWSON, Lilla E., b 4-5-1876, d 11-17-1961

COBB, Arilla (Millerrian) - wife of Robert L. Cobb, 1867-1950 COBB, Son of R.L. & A. Cobb
COBB, Clifford J., Sr., b 12-16-1898, d 3-16-1982
COBB, Clifford Wayne, b 11-10-1954, d 4-9-1974
COBB, Danny Ray, b 3-5-1957, d 4-26-1976
COBB, Franklin D., Jr., b 9-26-1959, d 9-28-1959
COBB, Mabel (Haley) - wife of Clifford J. Cobb, Sr., b 3-4-1902, d 3-11-1988
COBB, Robert L., 1855-1928
COBB, Thomas Eldon, b 4-2-1956, d 7-28-1974

CORNELISON, Alonzo - son of J. & M.E. Cornelison, b 11-18-1867, d 1-18-1868
CORNELISON, Benjamin Franklin - son of Martin & Linea Frances (Brandon) Cornelison, b 3-1-1842, d 8-23-1868
CORNELISON, Beulah (Pirtle) Woodland - lst husband was William Henry Woodland; 2nd husband was Samuel Marvin Cornelison, b 7-7-1904, d 1-21-1968
CORNELISON, Charles B. - son of William Houston & Pearl Cornelison, b 9-12-1-897,d 3-11-1898
CORNELISON, Infant - daughter of B. & S. Cornelison, b It-23-1868, d 4-2/t-1868
CORNELISON, Jeannette - daughter of J.G. & S.R. Cornelison, b 1-18-1888, d 12-1-1888
CORNELISON, Jesse - son of Martin & Linea Frances (Brandon) Cornelison, b 10-24-1836, d 6-13-1912 CSA ,
CORNELISON, Joe (Joseph Jones Cornelison), b 7-3-1893, d 9-30-1940 (marked "brother")
CORNELISON, Lenora - daughter of J. & @I.E. Cornelison, b 2-5-1871, d 5-12-1872
CORNELISON, Mary Elizabeth (Saxon) wife of Jesse Cornelison, b 1-18-1839, d 6-18-1878
CORNELISON, Mary Saxon, b 3-27-1898, alive in March 1988 (marked "sister")
CORNELISON, Samuel Marvin - son of Samuel Milton & Mildred Ellen Cornelison, b 4-16-1890-, d 12-8-1976
CORNELISON, Mildred Ellen (Swinnea) - wife of S.M. Cornelison, b 6-27-1869, d 1-24-1938
CORNELISON, Samuel Milton, b 9-16-1862, d 3-12-1912

DARBY, Bertha May - daughter of F.M. & R.A. Darby, b 5-19-1879, d 10-24-1879

DICKENS, C. N., b 12-5-1850, d 2-2-1918
DICKENS, Salome Aurelia wife of C .N. Dickens, b 1-19-1868, d 10-21-19

DILLARD, 0. D. (Odell), b 12-16-1823, d 1-5-1875
DILLARD, Thomas Milton, brother of O.D. Dillard, b 4-12-1826, d 7-18-1876

DOUGLASS, G., b 5-6-1817, d 9-28-1877

ETHRIDGE, Adeline Elizabeth (Bennett) - wife of William Gates Ethridge, b 9-16-1844, d 12-18-1887
ETHRIDGE, Annie Lou, daughter of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 12-27-1884, d Aug 8, 1885.
ETHRIDGE, Benjamin Gaut - son of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 1-17-1873, d 10-31-1879
ETHRIDGE, Edna daughter of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 4-6-1882, d August 19, 1882
ETHRIDGE, Egbert - son of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 5-1-1878, d 8-26-1878
ETHRIDGE, Emma - daughter of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b. 2 Oct 1 1867, d October 14, 1867
ETHRIDGE, Gates son of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 12-13-1876, d 4-4-1877
ETHRIDGE, Mary - daughter of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b 9-20-1871, ct 9-20-1871
ETHRIDGE, Stephen Jacob - son of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b March 23, 1875, d April 4, 1877
ETHRIDGE, William B. - son of W.G. & A. Ethridge, b June 3, d January 23, 1870
ETHRIDGE, William Gates, b 10-19-1839, d 2-29-1912; The dates and information for the William Gates Ethridge was provided from family bible pages in posession of Patsy E. Walker email ( According to Patsy's letter, "I was at Blue Ridge on Oct. 29, 2002. We placed a Confederate tombstone at the grave site of my Great Grandfather, William Gates Ethridge. My lineage is Patsy Lewis Ethridge, daughter of John Louis Ethridge, son of Henry Ivan Ethridge, son of William Gates Ethridge, son of William G. Ethridge (buried Powers Cemetery, Falls Co., Tx.),son of Jeremiah Ethridge."

EVANS, Ernest son of W.E. & Serena Evans, b 2-19-1901, d 11-10-1901

EZ, Geneovera A., b 9-30- d 3-17-1939

FITZGERALD, Mrs. 'Beeman - sister of Margaret Beeman Clark - no dates

FOLEY, Leland E., b 4-2-1914, d 3-23-1974 - V94 II: Pvt., U.S. Army

FRAZIER, David - son of Alexander Frazier of Pennsylvania, and half-brother (they had different mothers) of Alexander Frazier, who also settled in Falls County, Texas); [lst Wife: Martha Jordan; 2nd Wife: Sarah (Barton) Smith - a daughter of L.B.H. & Jane (Davis) Barton]; b 1829 in Pennsylvania, d 2-22-1887 - CSA: lst Lt., Co. C, 8th Texas Infantry, Han's Brigade, Walker's Division, Smith's Army enlisted 4-8-1862 at Hempstead, Texas. GAFFORD, C. N., 1881-1933

GILBERT, Glenn A., b 8-6-1925, d 12-6-1939
GILBERT, Jesse L., b 3-4-1896, d 11-11-1961
GILBERT, Nina Perdue, b 2-15-1892, d 7-16-1972

GHIBERTA, Angelo,son of Alexander Hunter & Temperance Killingsworth (Aldridge) Chamberlain, b 10-1-1847, d 5-15-1923
GILLESPIE, J. M., b 1-31-1857, d 7-8-1888
GILLESPIE, Suldon J., b 2-3-1897, d 11-7-1897
GILLESPIE, Thomas L., b 1-16-1861, d 11-22-1897

GORDON, Fannie M., b 5-24-1881, d 2-17-1946

Griffith, Louisa - daughter of J-J- & C.F. Griffith, b 3-3-1898, d 6-26-1899

HARLAN, Ann Elizabeth (Lester) - wife of Silas Harlan, b 2-12-1838, d 5-6-1903
HARLAN, Benjamin David, 1863-1948 son of Charles & Martha E. (Long) Harlan
HARLAN, Bettie S. (Elizabeth McGlasson) - wife of J.L. Harlan, b 5-3-1873, d 3-23-1947
HARLAN, Charles, 1833-1869 (b 6-2-1833, d 6-22-1869) - son of Dr. Isaiah and Nancy (Henry) Harlan
HARLAN, Charles, b 4-4-1869, d 11-27-1945
HARLAN, Cynthia Tallulah (Varnado) - wife 8f Charles Harlan, and daughter of Cornelius Willingston & Mary Elizabeth (Ratliff) Varnado (both buried in Stranger Cemetery), b 11-7-1872P d 4-12-1954
HARLAN, Don Langston, b 6-18-1909, d 4-7-1981
HARLAN, Emily (Milam) - wife of Elder Henry Langston Harlan, b 5-11-1812, d 7-13-1900
HARLAN, George McCaleb - son of G. & P. Harlan, b 9-14-1862, d 9-30-1880
HARLAN, George Willington - son of Charles & Cynthia Tallulah (Varnado) Harlan, b 7-1-1912

HARLAN, George, b 2-2-1835, d 12-30-1919 - CSA: Pvt., Co. K, 20th Texas Cavalry

George Harlan, born February 2, 1835, in Robertson's Colony, State of Coahuila, Mexico in the area which became Falls County, Texas; died December 30, 1919, at Blue Ridge, Falls County, Texas and buried in the Blue Ridge Cemetery ; was the youngest surviving son of Dr. Isaiah and Nancy (Henry) Harlan, who came to Mexico-Texas in the fall of 1834. George was born only eighteen days before his father received a grant of la league of land on February 20, 1835, at Viesca ; seat of government of Empressario Sterling Clack Robertson's Colony.

On July 25, 1859, in Montgomery County, Texas, George Harlan was married to Pauline Jane McCaleb, b November 5, 1830 in Tennessee, d November 30, 1889 and buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery;a daughter of Zill Harrington and Mary Elizabeth (Martin) McCaleb, natives of Tennessee who settled first in Montgomery County, Texas and later Blue Ridge in Falls County, where both died and were buried.

George Harlan enlisted in the Confederate States Army in Montgomery County, Texas ; serving throughout the Civil War as a Private in Company K, 20th Texas Cavalry, and served until the conclusion of the war.

At the end of the Civil War, George returned to Montgomery County, Texas, where he and his family loved until about 1867, when they settled at Blue Ridge in Falls County, Texas on his portion of land inherited from his parents; a part of the league granted to Dr. Isaiah Harlan in 1835. In 1859, George had conveyed twenty-eight acres, formerly a part of the inherited portion of his sister, Mrs. Memnon A. (Martha Harlan) Mitchell, from their father. In 1872, George re-recorded the transfer o the twenty-eight acres to the Trustees of the Blue Ridge Baptist Church, for school, church and cemetery purposes, as a number of graves were already located there while it was still a part of the Mitchell land.

George and Pauline Jane (McCaleb) Harlan were the parents of five children:

Zill Isaiah Harlan, b July 24, 1860 in Montgomery County, Texas, d July 25, 1911 in Marlin, Falls County, Texas and buried in Calvary Cemetery -- married September 21, 1884 to Maude Graves, b September 5, 1867 in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas, d August 11, 1960 and buried in Calvary Cemetery.

George McCaleb Harlan, b September 14, 1862 in Montgomery County, Texas, d September 30, 1880. His arm was severed in a gin accident, and he bled to death before medical assistance could be obtained. He was not married, and was buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery.

Maggie Jane Harlan, b November 14, 1865, in Montgomery County, Texas, d July 26, 1867, and buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery.

Charles Harlan, b April 4, 1869 at Blue Ridge, Falls County, Texas, d November 27, 1945 and buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery -- married December 25, 1889 in Falls County to Cynthia Tallulah Varnado (called "Lula"), b November 7, 1872 in Mississippi, d April 12, 1954 and buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery -- a daughter of Cornelius Willington and Mary Elizabeth ("Betsy" Ratcliff) Varnado, who settled in the Stranger Community of Falls County, Texas about 1887.

Mary Emma Harlan, b March 3, 1872, at Blue Ridge, Falls County, Texas, d August 26, 1900, married Charles W. Jennings, b March 8, 1856, d April 15, 1916, and buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery.

After Pauline Jane (McCaleb) Harlan died, George married second to Maggie Densman, b July 20, 1849, d May 15, 1933. They had no children, and she was buried at Blue Ridge Cemetery when she died. She received a pension for George's Civil War services after his death, until she died.

There are many descendants of George and Pauline Jane (McCaleb) Harlan who continue to reside in Falls County, Texas, including such family names as Bartlett, Harlan, Erskine, Shaw, Norton, Sehon, Sprott, Windsor, and others.

HARLAN, Georgie - son of C. & C.T. Harlan, b 4-13-1897, d 8-18-1901
HARLAN, Harris J., b 7-2-1905, d 8-14-1946
HARLAN, Henry Vernon, b 3-28-1892, d 2-12-1975
HARLAN, Infant Daughter of C. & C.T. Harlan, b 8-13-1901, d 8-26-1901
HARLAN, Infant Daughter of W.A & S.R. Harlan, b & d 1885
HARLAN, Infant Son of C. & C.T. Harlan, b 10-14-1890, d 10-25-1890
HARLAN, Infant Son of Charles & C. T. Harlan, b 10-14-1890, d 10-25-1890
HARLAN, Infant Son of J.H. & S.A. Harlan, b 7-25-1881, d 8-3-1881
HARLAN, James Enoch, b 8-9-1906, d 4-30-1969
HARLAN, James Henry, b 11-18-1839, d 10-27-1926
HARLAN, James Lee - son of Thomas D. & Rebecca Harlan, b 1-18-1876, - d 5-11-1959
HARLAN, Joanna (Mackey) - wife of George Willington Harlan, and daughter of W. B. & Bertha (Lawson) Mackey, b 1-17-1915, d 10-16-1982
HARLAN, John Luther son of Thomas D. & Rebecca C. (Jackson) flarlan (buried in Stranger Cemetery), b 8-22-1867, d 11-26-1936 (sic, 1935)
HARLAN, Lelia (Cornelison) - wife of L.W. Harlan, b 2-9-1901t, daughter of Samuel Milton & Mildred Ellen (Swinnea) Cornelison
HARLAN, Lila H. - daughter of W.A. & S.R. Harlan, b 4-3-1879, d 11-2-1898
HARLAN, Louisa - daughter of C. & M.E. Harlan, 1866-1868 CHAMBERS, Louisa (Long) Morrell, 1836-no date
'HARLAN, loyd Wesley - son of John Luther & Elizabeth (McGlasson) Harlan, and husband of Lelia (Cornelison) Harlan, b 2-5-1897, d 11-22-1977
HARLAN, Maggie (Densman) - 2nd wife of George Harlan, b 7-20-1849, d 5-15-1933
HARLAN, Maggie J. - daughter of George & P.J. Harlan, b 11-14-1865, d 7-26-1867
HARLAN, Martha E. (Long) - wife of Charles Harlan, and daughter of Jarrett and Catherine S. (Strong) Long, 1839-1870
HARLAN, Mary (Cobb), b 3-11-1897, d 3-29-1966
HARLAN, Maude A. - wife of Ollie S. Harlan, b 1-13-1889, d 10-3-1958
HARLAN, Ollie S., b 9-21-1873, d 5-12-1943, Son of Winthrop b 9-1-1862, d 8-31-1895
HARLAN, Pauline Jane (McCaleb) - lst wife of George Harlan, and daughter of Z.H. & M. McCaleb, b 11-5-1830, d 11-30-1889
HARLAN, Preston A., b 10-31-1913, d 12-23-1923
HARLAN, Raymond A., 1895-1920
HARLAN, Sarah Ann (Smith) - wife of James H. Harlan, b 1.0-17-184zt, d 7-8-1897
HARLAN, Sarah E. (Burkes) - 2nd wife of W.A. Harlan, b 11-7-1857, d 9-21-1937
HARLAN, Sarah R. (Vernon) - lst wife of W. A. Harlan, b 3-26-1850, d 4-8-1895
HARLAN, Silas, b 9-11-1826, d 10-5-1888
HARLAN, Son of T.B. & Ida Harlan, b 9-23-1892, d 8-13-1895
HARLAN, Thomas B. - son of James Henry & Sarah Ann Harlan, b 7-9-1866, d 5-27-1929 wife of T.H. Harlan, b 8-8-1866, (I 8-4-1945
HARLAN, Viola (Peebles) - wife of Benjamin David Harlan, 1868-1951 HARLAN, Jewell, 1893-1893
HARLAN, Viola Harris - wife of W.E. Harlan, b 12-10-1871, d 11-13-1963
HARLAN, William A., b 3-4-1848, d 3-30-1923
HARLAN, William E. - son of James Henry & Sarah Ann Harlan, b 9-5-1874, d 7-7-1949
HARLAN, William S., b 3-12-1876, d 11-23-1918
HARLAN; Mabel (Martin) - wife of James Lee Harlan, b 2-17-1882, d 2-3-1968

HENDERSON, Bert Spence, b 5-10-1892, d 11-3-1984
HENDERSON, John S., b 11-3-1874, d 10-5-1963 HENDERSON, Sabrey Wilhite, b 9-11-1881, d 5-5-1959
HENDERSON, John Samuel - son of J.S. & Sabrey Henderson, b 8-23-1913, d 8-24-1913
HENDERSON, Mattie Elizabeth (Cornelison - wife of Bert Spence Henderson, b 5-12-1901

HIGGINS, Robert S., b 4-30-1811, d 1-6-1883 (aged 71 years, 8 months, 27 days)
HIGGINS, Anna Elizabeth (O'Neal) - wife of Robert S. Higgins, b 9-27-1828, d 11-19-1873 - daughter of Braxton & Mary O'Neal of Tennessee

HOLLAND, Agnes M. - wife of Isaac R. Holland, b 5-13-1913, no death date
HOLLAND, B. E., b 2-6-1872, d 8-27-1928
HOLLAND, Isaac R., b 2-7-1903, d 7-28-1974
HOLLAND, Mary Emma - wife of B. E. Holland, b 9-16-1869, d Zi-3-1909

HOLLOWAY, Martha A. - wife of Richard L. Holloway, b 7-23-1823, d 5-25-1874
HOLLOWAY, Martha A. - wife of Richard L. Holloway, b 7-23-1826, d 5-25-1874

HUGHES, Frances Lanora - wife of J. Hughes, b 4-9-1854, d 2-9-1-900

HUNNICUTT, Alice, b 8-3-1867, d 9-16-
HUNNICUTT, Charles Winfield - son of R.S. & R.V. Hunnicutt, b 6-15-1887, d 7-9-1887
HUNNICUTT, Edward - son of R.S. & R.V. Hunnicutt, b 11-8-1900, d 11-26-1902
HUNNICUTT, Edward - son of W.S. & L.S. Hunnicutt, b 12-14-1858, d 6-25-1877
HUNNICUTT, Fannie, b 1-30-1874, d 11-17-1956
HUNNICUTT, Grigsby L. Atchison, 3-18-1898
HUNNICUTT, Hiram Taylor - husband of Pherabe (York) Hunnicutt, b 12-21-1854, d 3-3-1881
HUNNICUTT, Isaac N., b 1-6-1857, d 9-11-1937
HUNNICUTT, J. R., Sr., b 7-4-1894, d 3-3-1973 - WW I & II: Major, U. S. Army
HUNNICUTT, Joannah - daughter of R.S. & R.V. Hunnicutt, b 6-25-1881, d 10-19-1882
HUNNICUTT, Joannah B. - daughter of W.S. & Lucinda Hunnicutt, b 8-7-1860, d 7-2-1877
HUNNICUTT, Lucinda (Smith) - wife of W.S. Hunnicutt, b 10-27-1832, d 6-11-1922
HUNNICUTT, Orcenith Fisher, b 3-4-1871, d 10-2-1950
HUNNICUTT, Robert Smith, b 5-2-1853, d 4-9-1932
HUNNICUTT, Rosella (Varnado) - wife of R.S. Hunnicutt, b 2-6-1861, d 5-31-1932
HUNNICUTT, Thomas - son of R.S. & R.V. Hunnicutt, b 11-27-1902, d 1-5-1904
HUNNICUTT, Winfield S., b 9-16-1828, d 2-8-1908
HUNNICUTT, Winfield S., Jr., b 5-21-1862, d 3-18-1944

HUNTER, L. B., b 8-14-1842, d 7-13-1885 (Wife, Mary, buried in Johnson Cemetery)

IACKEY, Marion A., b 10-11-1921, d 1-26-1922
IACKEY, Pamela, b 10-8-1923, d 10-9-1924

JENNINGS, Baby Boy, b & d 3-11-1895
JENNINGS, Blanch Aliston (Saxon) Steede, 1873-1956 - daughter of Thomas Lewis and Eliza (Millerman) Saxon; ml Wilbur Randal Steede; m2 Charles Washington Jennings
JENNINGS, C. W., b 3-8-1856, d 4-15-1916
JENNINGS, Jane H., 1906-1923
JENNINGS, Mary Emma - wife of C.W. Jennings, b 3-5-1872, (I 8-26-1900)

Jesse Brothers; m2 W. H. W. Williams

JOHNSON, A. J. P., b 2-14-1847, d 1-11-1886
JOHNSON, A. M. - son of Leroy & Louiza Johnson, b 11-30-1861, d 6-6-1880
JOHNSON, Carl A. - son of A.J.P. & L.A.C. Johnson, b 4-5-1882, d 5-6-1882
JOHNSON, David B., 1950-1952
JOHNSON, E. S. - son of Leroy & Louiza Johnson, b 12-14-1851, d 3-7-1875
JOHNSON, Eula Ann - wife of John T. Johnson, b 3-1-1874, d 8-26-1954
JOHNSON, Fannie Gertrude - 2nd wife of Gordon 11. Johnson, b 8-29-189zt, no death date
JOHNSON, Gordon H., b 5-25-1885, d 12-11-1973
JOHNSON, Hill E. - son of J.T. & Eula A. Johnson, b 9-22-1898, d 3-19-1934
JOHNSON, J. W. - son of Leroy & Louiza Johnson, b 7-17-1857, d Feb. 1875
JOHNSON, John T. (IOOF), b 8-6-1865, d 11-15-1911
JOHNSON, Leroy, b 5-2-1827, d 3-19-1903
JOHNSON, Louiza - wife of Leroy Johnson, b 7-28-1827, d 3-19-1903
JOHNSON, R. D. (or B. D.), b 1-20-1840, d 11-23-1872
JOHNSON, Susan Lorena - lst wife of Gordon H. Johnson, b 5-9-1889, d 3-10-1924
JOHNSON, Thomas Earl - son of J.T. & E.A. Johnson, b 10-6-1900, d 2-8-1926

JONES, Eilma, 1885-1904
JONES, Eliza C., 1858-1895
JONES, Frances E. - wife of G.W.M. Jones, b 7-30-1850, d 10-13-1888
JONES, Hastin, b 5-25-1815, d 8-24-1878
JONES, Infant Daughter of G.W M. & F.E. Jones, b & d 12-10-1887
JONES, Infant Daughter of G.W.M. & F.E. Jones, b & d 3-4-1884
JONES, Infant Daughter of G.W:M. & F.E. Jones, b & d 8-15-1886
JONES, L. A., b 2-6-1820, d 3-12-1888
JONES, Wesley - son of W.A. & Betty Jones, b 5-1-1866, d 5-22-1866

KELLY, Annie - wife of George E. Kelly, no dates
KELLY, Dean son of L.W. & S. Kelly, b 3-19-1879, d 2-9-1961
KELLY, George E. - son of L.W. & S. Kelly, b 1-3-1872, d 9-5-1911
KELLY, Grace Angela (Chamberlain) - wife of Oscar G. Kelly, and daughter of A.G. & S. Chamberlain, b 12-20-1884p d 8-23-1976
KELLY, Ida (Strickland) - wife of R.C. Kelly, b 1-19-1889, d 9-30-1973
KELLY, Ida A. (Woodland) - wife of T.S. Kelly, b 6-9-1880, d 1-18-1973
KELLY, Jesse Pickens - son of L.W. & S. Kelly, b 5-1-1875, d 11-2'3-1962 (a Medical Doctor, who m 12-23-1894 to Margaret Freeman)
KELLY, Leonard L., b 6-24-1903, d 2-13-1962
KELLY, Levi Waddell, b 10-5-1840, d 5-2-1926 2nd husband of Sara (Millerman) Cornelison Kelly :@KELLY, Sara (Millerman) Cornelison - daughter of J.S. & l. tillerman, b 5-2-1846 (sic, 1848), d 2-1-1929
KELLY, Oscar G. - son of Levi Waddell & Sara (Millerman/Cornelison) Kelly, b 7-26-1883, d 5-27-1957
KELLY, Thomas Saxon - son of L.W. & S. Kelly, b 8-1-1873, d 10-12-1956
KELLYP Roscoe C. - son of L.W. & S. Kelly,,b 6-8-1887, d 10-4-1960

KILLEBREW, Josephine, b 7-28-1869, d 11-1-1900

LACKEY, Edward B., b 10-23-1923, d 10-7-1924
LACKEY, Elmer, Jr., b 3-16-1923, d 11-9-1923

LARMOUR, Henry Majors, b 10-19-1888, d 12-20-1979
LARMOUR, Sibyl (Woodland) - wife of H.M. Larmour, b 5-28-1888, d 3-12-1972

LAURENCE, Emma, 1897-1918
LAXON, Edward F., 1859-1945
LAXON, Eula C. wife of Edward F. Laxon, 1866-1941
LAXON, Perry B., b 9-10-1900, d 8-14-1963
LAXON, Raz, no dates - WW I: Pvt., 142nd Infantry, 36th Division

LLOYD, Alice Lydia (Harlan) - wife of Charles W. Lloyd, b 2-24-1870, d 1-16-1913
LLOYD, Josephine (Harlan) - daughter of George & Joanna Harlan, b 11-6-1938, d 9-1-1979

LOGAN,Zaleme - daughter of J. & Emily Logan, b 8-10-1867, d 12- -1867 tha A. (Smith) - daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth S. (IsaacT) Smith, b 6-28-1834, d 7-15-1872 GEE, Infant Son of J.H. & Laura Gee - no dates

MACKEY, Bertha Lawson, b 10-4-1879, d 4-27-1943 - wife of William B. Mackey MACKEY, William B., b 1-15-1871, d 1-24-1959 - WW I: Captain, Medical Corps
HARLAN, Rupert - son of Charles & Cynthia Tallulah (Varnado) Harlan, b 8-28-1-899, d 1-28-1972

MAGERS, Betty Jo - wife of Cecil C. Magers, and daughter of G.A. & A.M. (Harlan) Richardson, b 9-26-1928, d 9-3-1984

McCALEB, Mary (Martin) - wife of Z.H. McCaleb, 1803-1883
McCALEB, Zill Harrington, Sr., b 3-24-1798, d 4-25-1871

McDANIEL, S. Lue, b 3-1 1879, d 1-5-1952

McGOWAN, W. E., b 3-25-1835, d 10-3-1880

MILES, Oscar Henry, b 11-13-1875, d 12-29-1948

MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), Charles Arrister, 1846-no death date - CSA: lianis Co., Gimmerson's Regt.
MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), Cornelia - daughter of J.S. & Mary Millerman, b 7-7-1862, d 3-17-1865
MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), Dolph (Adolphus) - son of C.A. & Dora Millerman, b 1-19-1898, d 7-25-1934
MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), Dora (Wright) (full name: Frances Isadora), b 8-11-1859, d 11-6-1922
MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), John Sanford, b 2-22-1814, d 4-1-1868
MILLERMAN (MILLERMON), Mary (Harlan) - wife of J. S. Millerman, b 1-22-1820, d 5-3-1902
MILLERMAN, Little Willie - son of J. & M. Millerman, b 2-10-1877, d 12-28-1887

MILWEE, Omer - son of J.E. & E.F. Milwee, b 11-27-1889, d. 2-24-1890

MITCHELL, Charles Oliver - son of M.A. and M. Mitchell, b 12-26-1852, d 8-19-1905
MITCHELL, George Washington - son of M.A. & M. Mitchell, 1842-1858
MITCHELL, Infant Daughter of W .H. & M.L. Mitchell, b 10-28-1873, d 12-24-1873
MITCHELL, Infant Daughter of W. H. & M.L. Mitchell, b & d 4-18-1894
MITCHELL, Ira J. V. - son of C.O. & M.A. Mitchell, b 4-9-1882, d 1952
MITCHELL, John Newton - son of M.A. & M. Mitchell, b 8-21-1841, d 8-21-1862 in Arkansas - CSA: Co. F, 20th Texas Infantry
MITCHELL, Julia (Williams), b 9-26-1884, d 8-10-1968 -16-1907
MITCHELL, LaVerne (Williams) - wife of Ira J.V. Mitchell, and daughter of Virgil M. & Martha (Barclay) Williams, b 11-2-1896, d 8-28-1983
MITCHELL, Martha (Harlan) - wife of Memnon A. Mitchell, 1818-1887 (full dates: b December 8, 1818 in S.C., d 3-8-1887) - daughter of Dr. Isaiah & Nancy (Henry) Harlan
MITCHELL, Martha A. (Blann) - wife of C.O. Mitchell, b 3-30-1855, d 10-17-1890
MITCHELL, May (Sessions) - wife of H.C. Mitchell, b 1888, d 1936 (full dates are: b 8-6-1888, d 8-20-1936)
MITCHELL, Memnon Alexander, 1810-1853 (sic 1854) - Republic of Texas Army & Minuteman (also on Roster of Texas Rangers of Republic of Texas) (full dates: b February 28, 1810, d November 23, 1854)
MITCHELL, Ulyses - son of C.O. & M.A. Mitchell, b 3-27-1886, d 6-28-1897
MITCHELL,Margaret Lucinda (Chamberlain) - wife of W.H. Mitchell, b 6-23-1854, d 7-19-1940 - daughter of Alexander Hunter & Temperance Killingsworth (Aldridge) Chamberlain
MITCHELL,William Henry - son of M.A. & M. Mitchell, b 7-4-1846, d 3-6-1917

MORRELL Allen H. - first husband of Louisa Long, and son of Reverend
MORRELL, Zachariah Nehemiah , b 1823, d 11-1-1857 - Republic of Texas Army, Minute Man; Drew white bean for life as a Mexican prisoner on Mier Expedition

MULLINNIX Frances Lee - daughter of C.L. & M.E. Mullinnix, b 7-27-1944, d 8-5-1945
MULLINNIX, Charlie Lee - husband of Mary Ethel Chamberlain, b 7-15-1903, d 1-26-1979

NAMAR, Juana, b 8-_-1912, d 6-29-1940

NIETO, Rafael, b 6-15-1934, d August

NORMAN, Ruth (Williams) Hodge, b 7-13-1888, d 12-30-1980

OGBURN, John Franklin - - son of A.B. & S. J. Ogburn, b 1-8-1878, d 4-7-1902

OSBURN, J. H., b 8-26-1862, d 4-21-1933
OSBURN, Phoebe M. - wife of S.L. Osburn, 1891-No death date
OSBURN, Samuel L., 1889-1918
OSBURN, Susan Elizabeth - wife of J. H. Osburn, b 11-21-1866, d 3-31-1930

OWEN, Eula M. - wife of John M. Owen, 1888-no death date
OWEN, Fannie (Millerman) - wife of W.J. Owen, b 2-11-1858, d 10-26-19
OWEN, Gracie - daughter of W.J. & F.M. Owen, b 9-10-1881, d 10-12-1882 Asa S., b 5-15-1872, d 9-22-1944
OWEN, John M., 1877-1957
OWEN, Robert Dale - son of W.J. & F.M. Owen, b B-6-1883, d 5-30-1889
OWEN, Thomas D., b 8-27-1914, d 8-16-1964 - WW II: PFC, Signal Company
OWEN, William Jones, b 8-31-1846, d 1-25-1918

PARSONS, Charles L., b 4-8-1922, d 3-22-1976 - WW II: S. Sgt., U.S. Army

PATTERSON, Elder Ludy A. , b 1-17-1874, d 6-13-1931 - husband of Ida Ghiberta (Cornelison) Patterson
PATTERSON, Robert Lee, b 6-9-1868, d 6-27-1918
PATTERSON, W. T. (William Thomas), b 3-1-1837, d 8-1-1878 PATTERSON, 7 children on same tombstone: "Virgie, Willie, Tommie, Fannie Girls; Temmie, Johnie, Charlie - Boys. "Husband and Children of Mrs. Sarepta A. (Harlan) Patterson. (Correct names of the children are: Virginia, Willie L., Thomas W., Frances Emma, J. Timothy, John H., and Eugenia Charles Patterson.)

PENDERGRAFT, b September 1944, d August 1945

PHILLIPS, Infant Boy - son of Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Phillips, b 2-2-18889 d 8-18-1888
PHILLIPS, Infant Boy - son of Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Phillips, b 6-20-1880, d 6-26-1880

PIRTLE, Paul C., 10-11-1907, d 2- 5-1975 - PFC - U.S. Army, W14 II POWELL, Alice E., b 8-28-1912.1 d 8-3-1935
POWELL, Martha E., b 9-21-1883, d 2-5-1962
POWERS, Herschel Milton son of H.R. & A. Powers, b 5-15-1926, d 7-7-1933 ,fWOODLAND, William Howell son of Henry & Mary Ann (Fike) Woodland, 1847-1912 (sic 1848-1912) (A brother, Henry James Woodland, b December 1846, date of death unknown - m 3-19-1868 in Falls County, Texas to Mary Cooper - and they had one son, "Willie")
POWERS, Herschel Richard, b 11-30-1903, d 10-1-1968
POWERS,Arrilla (Cobb) - wife of H.R. Powers, and daughter of R.L. & Arilla (Millerman) Cobb, b 3-4-1905, d 3-16-1977

PRICE, Our Baby - son of W.T. & Maggie Price - no dates

RAGLAND, Elbert Lee, b 4-6-1901, d 12-22-1968
RAGLAND, Myrtle K. - wife of Elbert Lee Ragland, b 9-24-1908, d 2-21-1956

REID, Dewit N., b 1844, d 12-16-1861

RHODES, Fred W., b 7-22-1905, d 10-21-1973 - 2nd husband of Jewell (Harlan)
RHODES, Jewell Rebecca (Harlan) Price - daughter of J.L. & Bettie Harlan, b 7-31-1911, - ml James Commodore Price (buried Hillcrest Cemetery at Marlin); m2 Fred W. Rhodes; m3 Roy Turner

RICHARDSON, and husband of Agnes Margueritte (Harlan) Richardson, b 10-18-1895, d 10-19-1976 - WW I: Sgt., U. S. Army RICHARDSON, Agnes Margueritte (Harlan) - wife of G.A. Richardson, and daughter of John Luther & Bettie Harlan, b 2-17-1899
RICHARDSON, Grice Arnett ("Jack") - son of William Bryant & Elizabeth (Arnett)
V RITTER, Charles E. - son of V .B. & M .J. Ritter, b 3-13-1886, d 10-11-1889
RITTER, Harry V. - son of W.B. &'M .J. Ritter, b 7-29-1880, d 8-5-1881
RITTER, Jimmie H. - son of W.B. & M .J. Ritter,b 4-12-1873, d 10-22-1876
RITTER, Josephine - daughter of W.B. & M .J. Ritter, b 11-17-1878, d (Illegible)
RITTER, Kittie P. - daughter of W.B. & M .J. Ritter, b & d 7-31-1878
RITTER, Martha J. - wife of V. B. Ritter, b 5-5-1847, d 3-13-1886

ROBERTS, Alexander H. , b 4-14-1858, d 8-11-1937
ROBERTS, Sarah E. , wife of Alexander fl. Roberts, b 1-6-1865, d 2-13-1933

SAXON, Eliza (Millerman) - wife of Thomas Lewis Saxon, b 6-9-1845, d 1-6-1901
SAXON, Infant Son of T.L. & E. Saxon, b & d 7-25-1880
SAXON, Mrs. P. E. - wife of S. @l. Saxon, b 3-27-1839, d. 10-2-1878
SAXON, Samantha daughter of T.L. & E. Saxon, b 4-14-1875, d 6-3-1875
SAXON, Thomas H. - son f John Pleasant & Lida (Woodland) Saxon, b 9-28-1896, d 12-30-1898
SAXON, Thomas Lewis, b 5-8-1841, d 3-23-1882 - CSA: Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Texas Infantry
SAXON, Tommie L daughter of T.L. & E. Saxon, b 8-15-1882, d 2-17-1883

SCHOONOVER, Roy Delano, b 3-6-1933, d 6-4-1971

SCROGGINS, Curney C., 1899-1930
SCROGGINS, Erma Lee, 1922-1925
SCROGGINS, Jess K., 1920-1938
SCROGGINS, Rudolph, 1916-1917

SELF Amanda Josephine, 1905-1967

SMITH, Andrew M. - son of Robert and Luticia Ann (Millican) Smith, b 10-24-1860, d 12-11-1867
SMITH, Elizabeth S. ("Betsy" Isaacs) - wife of Isaac Smith, Sr., b 11-28-1812, d 7-11-1876
SMITH, Isaac - husband of Anna M. Swinnea (buried in Stranger Cemetery), b 7-22-1862, d 1-13-1942
SMITH, Isaac, Sr., b 6-18-1792, d 7-26-1868
SMITH, Miss Martha Lee, b 1-28-1884, d 8-27-1898
SMITH, Patsy June - daughter of Glen & Murillo Smith, 1933-1937
SMITH, Robert - son of Isaac & Elizabeth (Isaacs) Smith,Eand husband of Luticia Ann (Millican),b 1839, d 1868 and buried in Tehuacana Cemetery in Limestone County, Texas - a daughter of Andrew A. and Louisa (Young) Millican who came to Austin's First Colonyj; b 2-25-1831, d 1-21-1910.

SOWDERS, Lena (Swinnea) Gillespie, b 4-26-1874, d 3-28-1946

STEEDE, Ola, 1894-1900-STEEDE, Infant Son of Wilbur & B. Steede, b & d 1892
STEEDE, Wilbur Randal - lst husband of Blanch A. Saxon, 1871-1900

STEPHENS, Martha, 1834-1899

SWINNEA, Anna Pearl (Elder) - wife of Hiram Suldon Swinnea, b 10-14-1881, d 7-17-1970
SWINNEA, Elizabeth (Woodland), b 3-19-1889, 'd 5-6-1912
SWINNEA, Emma (Owen) - wife of A.S. Swinnea, b 12-12-1875, d 3-27-1897
SWINNEA, Hiram Elgin, b 6-4-1912, d 7-26-1976
SWINNEA, Hiram S., b 2-27-1880, d 5-16-1948
SWINNEA, Hubert - son of H.S. & A.P. Swinnea, b 6-22-1916, d 7-7-19
SWINNEA, John Albert, Sr. b 4-23-1908, d 2-27-1981 - m 9-23-1930 SWINNEA, Eunice (Harlan) wife of John Albert Swinnea, Sr. , b 7-20-1908,
SWINNEA, Laura Belle wife of S. H. Swinnea, b 8-22-1887, d 5-27-1908
SWINNEA, Mary Elizabeth (Hunnicutt) - wife of S.W. Swinnea, b 6-22-1850, d 10-12-1901
SWINNEA, Ross, b 6-29-1886, d 8-13-1954
SWINNEA, Suldon Wright, b 11-25-1843, d 3-14-1925

TAYLOR, Olin, 1897-1899

TILLERY, Charles B., 1896-1981
TILLERY, Edna Saxon - wife of Charles B. Tillery, 1900-alive in @larch 1988

TOLER, Anna M. - b 3-20-1876, d 2-1-1929
TOLER, Robert G., b 1-27-1871, d 9-5-1915

TRUETT, Betty J. - wife of Hulon D. Truett, b , d 2-2-1978
TRUETT, Hulon D., b 11 -29-1926, d 1987

TURNER, Millard T., b 10-21-1909, d 3-12-1974
TURNER, Parl (Cobb) - wife of M.T. Turner, b 2-14-1910, d

VERNON, Albert - son of Louis Edward & Lavonia E. (Harlan) Vernon, 1887-1888
VERNON, E. M., b 6-30-1881, d 11-15-1904
VERNON, George Loomis son of D.M. & Lurline Vernon, b 9-25-1908, d 12-5-1908
VERNON, Milby E. - daughter of Louis Edward & La vonia E. (Harlan) Vernon, 1896-1896

VILLANUEVA, Aurelio, b 5-17-1918, d 9-11-1939
VILLANUEVA, Marcelino, b 6-10-1909, d 9-10-1940

WILHITE, Frances A. (Herring) - wife of John W. Wilhite, b 3-19-1850, d 9-2-1935
WILHITE, John W., b 1-5-1848, d 4-18-1936
WILHITE, Mrs. Sarah L. (Hart) - wife of Wiley W. Wilhite, b 6-12-1828, d 6-6-1898

WILLIAMS, Amanda Frances - wife of Jehu Williams, b 7-17-1827
WILLIAMS, Aramantha Rebecca (Millerman) - wife of James W. Williams, b 12-10-1859, d 2-25-1941
WILLIAMS, Beatrice (Harlan), 1897-1961
WILLIAMS, Eliza Ellen, b 11-16-1861, d 7-5-1902
WILLIAMS, Felix - son of J.W. & A.R. Williamsy b 2-5-1893, d 12-14-1901
WILLIAMS, James W., b 10-4_1850, d 10-13-1926
WILLIAMS, Jehu , b 1825, d 8-5-1890
WILLIAMS, Lionel A., 1889-1969
WILLIAMS, Marion J., b 4-29-1896, d 7-29-1939
WILLIAMS, Matilda Barzilla (Maulding) Brothers, b 6-23-1825, d 1-14-1906 ml
WILLIAMS, Nona Inez, b 8-12-1890, d 7-27-1902 (marked "daughter")
WILLIAMS, Ophelia Earl, b 9-21-1896, d 7-20-1897 (marked "daughter")
WILLIAMS, W. H. W. - 2nd husband of Matilda Barzilla (Maulding) Brothers, b 3-8-1844, d 11-23-1869

WILLIS, Alma, b 7-11-1960, d 3-30-1981

WOODALL, Pearl Pendergraft, b 5-25-1893, d 4-29-1973

WOODLAND, Arch V. (Archibald V.), 1872-1931 (sic, b 1874, d October 16, 1930)
WOODLAND, Asa G.,.Sr., b 8-27-1891, d 3-8-1959 (sic, birth date should be 8-29)
WOODLAND, Ella Cynthia (Wright) - wife of W.H. Woodland, and daughter of Rev. & Dr. Johnson V. and Ann Elizabeth (Johnson) Wright, 1855-1929 (sic, b November 25, 1854, d 3-24-1929)
WOODLAND, F.,M. (sic Fred Henry), no dates (b 2-11-1978, d September 1933)
WOODLAND, Florence H. , wife of James L. Woodland, b 3-4-1885, d 12-31-1958
WOODLAND, Henry, b 1814, d 7-26-1897 - 83 years - Republic ol -as Army; Mier Expedition, U.S.-Mexican War, CSA: Company B, lialler's Battalion, Green's Brigade, flardeman's Division of the Trans-Mississipp Army
WOODLAND, Infant Son of W.H. & E.C. Woodland, b 10-14-1882, d 10-16-1882
WOODLAND, Iris A. (Edwards) - 2nd wife of A.V. Woodland, 1888-1915 [a daughter of William & Marjorie (Dillard) Edwards]
WOODLAND, James L., b 8- 15-1872.9 d 5-29-1957
WOODLAND, Lucinda (Barclay) Menefee - last wife of Henry Woodlands and daughter of David A. & Dorcas V. b 1-11-1840, (i 11-4-1928
WOODLAND, Lucy - lst wife of A.V. Woodland, b 7-14-1883, d 1-15-1903
WOODLAND, Pauline (Mary Pauline Jones - called "Polly") - wife of Asa G. Woodland, b November 1897, d July 20, 1979

WRIGHT, Mary Elizabeth - only daughter of A.P. & M.J. Wright, b 10-15-1874, d 5-25-1874
WRIGHT, Sanford Millerman - son of A.P. & M.J. Wright, b 2-21-1881, d 11-10-1882

North Blue Ridge (Stranger)Settlement Cemetery Listing


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