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1 of 24 Titles in Time Life Civil War Series

TIME LIFE Book set "The Civil War" is a beautiful set of books depicting the history of the Civil War. The 24 books in this set are: 1) First Blood 2) The Blockade 3) The Fight for Chattanooga 4) Sherman's March 5)Lee Takes Command 6) The Road To Shiloh 7) Twenty Million Yankees 8) The Bloodiest Day 9) Confederate Ordeal 10) The Costal War 11) Brother Against Brother 12) The Shenandoah 13)Rebels Resurgent 14) Decoying The Yanks 15) Tenting Tonight 16) Spies, Scouts And Raiders 17) The Assassination 18) Death In The Trenches 19)The Struggle For Tennessee 20) Battles For Atlanta 21) Forward To Richmond 22) Gettysburg 23) War On The Mississippi 24) The Nation Reunited.

Specify which title you're buying in the comments section or by email. Usually ships 3-4 business days.


Great Battles of the Civil War by the editors of Civil War Times.

Civil War Times Illustrated has been a leading magazine covering the war between the states. Once each year, an entire issue was devoted to a single major battle or campaign. This book gathers all those issues into a single book with great coverage of the major battles and campaigns. Contains hundreds of illustrations, maps, and rare old photographs. Good condition.

Usually ships 3-4 business days.

For more information, send me an Email or call me at (512) 630-4619.


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