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Welcome to Page 1 of the Reagan Bearkat Graduating Classes & Sports Roosters. Page 1 covers Reagan School activities from 1950 to 1964 when the schools were closed and consolidated with the Marlin Schools. Other pages include:

Page 2-Reagan Classes 1930 through 1949

Page 3-Reagan Classes 1878 through 1929

Page 4-Reagan Teachers- 1878 to 1964

These pages contain photos and listings of former Reagan students, teachers, coaches, principals, and superintendents.

Send me your old photos or stories about your teachers or classmates and I'll add them to the website. Any original materials will be returned to you after I've scanned them. Let's keep the site growing.


Reagan Schools were part of a system of "community " schools created in Falls County under the guidelines of the Texas State Constitution of 1876. The Reagan Schools were managed and controlled by trustees and school administrators who set their own curricula and educational standards and provided funds independently for their maintenance.

During the mid-1880s, Reagan entered a boom period. The town had two steam gristmills, nine cotton gins, five general stores, two hotels, a church, a district school, and approximately 250 residents. Ten years later, Reagan had grown to 500 residents and had a weekly newspaper, the Herald.

By 1905, Reagan had two one-teacher schools with 117 black students and one three-teacher school with 140 white students. By 1907, the Reagan schools had three teachers including Misses Dovie Davis, Marion Peyton and Elvie Price.

By 1910, Reagan was a busy community of 600 citizens, a bank and lumberyard. Saturdays would find the town bustling with activity as the nearby cotton farmers came to town to market, filling the sidewalks with people. The active little town also had a good school system. Ed Robbins became a school trustee in 1911, and a member of the board that hired Ben S. Peek as school superintendent in 1912. Robbins served as Trustee for a long period of time.

Throughout the 1920's, 1930's, and early 1940's, Reagan continued to support a full function school with strong Music programs and sports programs (basketball, baseball, football, and track). Then at the end of World War II, enrollment began to seriously decline and Reagan began to pay attention to Superintendent Tate of the Marlin Independent School District and his push to annex rural schools to the Marlin educational system. According to Tate, "Considerable study and planning convinced us of the wisdom of procuring these better educational advantages to all school districts in the vicinity of Marlin."

In August of 1947, the Marlin board of education let it be known officially that it favored annexations of other schools and emphasized the advantages of doing so. Annexations became popular and, under a broad program, in 1947 Schools of Rockdam, Springhill, Elm Grove, Old Zion, Barganier and Taylor Chapel were annexed.

Reagan Independent District Annexed in 1948

In 1948, Reagan, Blue Ridge, Rosedale, Grady, Lamar, Eloise, Stranger and St. Paul were annexed by the Marlin Independent School District. High Bank was annexed in 1952.

At first, transportation by bus caused problems, because most roads were difficult and parents were apprehensive of having their children ride on buses. Eventually, these problems vanished and people accepted annexations.

Between 1948 and 1953, all upper classes of the Reagan schools were shifted to Marlin and Reagan schools were restricted to Grades 1 through 6. Later, it dropped to four grades and then in 1964, the Reagan Schools closed their doors on nearly a century of excellence in teaching. Mrs. Mary Kirkpatrick, long time Reagan Teacher, had the honor of serving as the last princial of Reagan (1954 to 1964).

However, before the Reagan school doors closed for the last time, hundreds of Reagan children received a first rate education as evidenced by the unusually large number of Reagan students that graduated from college and achieved prominence in society at large.

The great Reagan Campus that saw it's demise after World War II, was once the shining star of Texas for almost a century, but now exists only in the hearts and minds of those that once lived the Reagan experience and on this web page!

We have attempted to locate as many pictures as possible of former Reagan students, educators, and administrators and present them in chronological order preserving a realistic picture of the past.


Reagan School Mascot-The Bearkat

This photo taken in the early 1950's shows some of the 3rd graders getting their skates on.L-R: seated, unknown, Karen Kirkpatrick, Ernest Cobb, Cathy Cox, and Albert Pecina. Assisting other skaters were Hal Curry and William Gregg.
(Photo curtesy of Karen Kirkpatrick).

Photo Curtesy of Milton Turnipseed

BACK ROW:L-R: Ellen Canalez, Jackie Kirkpatrick, Zill Harlan, Frank Castelano, Hal Currey, Ernest Cobb. MIDDLE ROW: L-R: Joyce Whatley, Edward Lloyd, Mack Joyner, Milton Turnipseed, James Moore, William Gregg, Mrs. Mary Kirkpatrick. FRONT ROW: L-R: Joyce Eitel, Bernice, Peggy Kindred, Karen Kirkpatrick, Kathy Cox, and Annette Margoitta.

Photos Curtesy of Milton Turnipseed

Edward Lloyd

Annette Margoitta

James Moore

Milton Turnipseed

Jackie Kirkpatrick

Elen Canalez

Joyce Whatley

William Gregg

Joe Short

Kathy Cox

Karen Kirkpatrick

Mack Joyner

Joyce Eitel

James Railsback

James Heatherington

Peggy Kinred

Max Whatley

Hal Curry

Photo Curtesy of Calvin and Julia Whatley

On the bottom row from left to right are James Railsback, Evalina Cobb, and Jean Kubiak. Skip to the other end of the 1st and that's Joe Short making the face. Second row, 4th from left, I believe is Kathy Joyner. On the end of second row is one of the Matthews girls.
The Teacher is Mrs. Tom Kelley.

I need help identifying the rest correctly!!

The following photograph is curtesy of Norman Short. Many thanks!!

1st row left to right: Beth Hetherington, Joyce White, Charles Curry, Johnny Musia. 2nd. row left to right, Jean Stricklin, Nona McCaleb, Georgia Scroggins, Ida Lois Whatley, Stella Margoitta, Geneva Williams, Frances Turnipseed. 3rd row , Homer Swinnea, Thomas Cobb, Benny Morris, Leonard Kubiak, Norman Short, Charles Drosche. Last row left to right, Durwood Funderburk, Carl Evans, Dan Storemski, Pete Railsback, Donovan Kirkpatrick, Juacin Canales. Teacher and Coach: Mr Gregg.


Mrs. Tom Kelley (Teacher)

Leonard Kubiak

Carl Wayne Evans

Nona Mildred McCaleb

Ben Louis (Benny) Morris

Durwood Funderburk

Georgia Scroggins

Thomas Cobb

Charles Drosche

Mary Margoitta

Johnny Musia


Cobb, Thomas Haley
Evans, Carl Wayne
Funderburk, Joseph Durwood
Margoitta, Nancy Stella
McCaleb, Nona Mildred
Morris, Benny
Musia, Johnny Lawrence
Scroggins, Georgia Lorene

* Kubiak, Leonard graduated from Rockdale High School in 1959


Martha Strickland

Dan Heatherington (1954)

Karen Kirkpatrick (1954)

Milton Turnipseed (1951)

Karen Kirkpatrick (1951)

Gary McCaleb (1956)

Mrs. Max Whatley(1952)

Daniel Kubiak(1947)

Norman Short (1953)

Dan Kubiak (1948)

Beth Heatherington

Francis Turnipseed (1953)

Johnny Trulock (1954)

Max Whatley (1952)

Gary McCaleb (1956)

Daniel Storemski(1953)

Juaquin Canalez (1953)

Homer Swinnea (1953)

Donavan Kirkpatrick (1953)

Royce,Boyce Moudy(1953)

Jean Strickland (1953)

Charles Currey (1953)

Geneva Williams (1953)

Joyce White (1953)

Jean Strickland (1952)

Georgia Scroggins (1953)

Pete Railsback (1953)

The following news clipping appeared in the Marlin Democrat in 1951
A special thank you goes out to Calvin and Julia Whatley who provided the news clipping and photos. Calvin was our Coach and principal back in 1952/53 and Julia was one of our favorite teachers. Max, their bird dog was an official member of the Reagan classes and is still in the memories of all who attended Reagan schools in the early 50's.


"Stalwart defensive play highlighted by sharp tackling resulted in a 19 to 13 victory by the Reagan Elementary school over Marlin elementary school.
The game was played Friday afternoon on Reagan's field before an enthusiastic crowd that packed the sidelines. When the first half ended, the score was tied 6 to 6.
Reagan scored first on a left end run by Boyce Moudy and Marlin tied the game shortly afterward.
Reagan crossed the goal line again in the third period when Boyce Moudy carried over once more behind good blockers. Rosy Moudy carried the ball for the extra point. In the same period, Marlin scored and converted and the game was deadlocked at the close of the third quarter.
Early in the fourth period, Reagan scored again and maintained their lead until the end of the game. Marlin and Reagan have played twice with each team winning once. The two teams will meet again in a week or two in the third and sugar game of their series".

1952 Reagan Bearcat Football Team (Photo Courtesy of Calvin and Julia Whatley) Bottom Row: L-R: Pete Railsback, Leonard Kubiak, Juacin Canalez, Royce (Rosy) Moudy, Boyce Moudy. Top Row: L-R: Carl Wayne Evans, Unknown, unknown, Daniel Kubiak, Unknown, Harold Funderburke?, Unknown.

One Tough Bearcat Team!! Dan Kubiak taking the snap at Quarterback. Photo taken in 1952. (Courtesy of Calvin and Julia Whatley).

Another shot of that Reagan Bearcat Team!Photo taken in 1952. (Courtesy of Calvin and Julia Whatley)


Sam Longbottom (teacher)
Allen Benson
Mildred Butler
Blake Evans
Billy Kyle Funderburk
Irene Guerrero
Susie Guerrero
Joy Ann Joyner
Donna Kinard
Marilyn Scroggins
Billy Hugh Kirkpatrick
Imogene Turnipseed

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This is a work in progress and I need your help to complete the webpage. If you have any old photos or memories that you'd like to share with our readers, please send me an email or write. And don't forget to bookmark this page and come back often to see the latest postings.

For questions or comments, send me an Email at



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