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Forts in Early-Day Texas

1) San Francisco Xavier Presidio, 1751, one-half mile upstream on San Gabriel River from Apache Pass. Spanish fort (presidio).

2) Fort Tenoxtitlan, 1830, on the east bank of the Brazos near what became Caldwell, just south of the San Antonio Road. Mexican fort.

3) Fort Parker, 1833, near present Groesbeck, built by Isaac M. Parker, father of Cynthia Ann Parker kidnapped in 1836 by Comanches in raid on fort. Private fort.

4) Dunn's Fort, 1834, also called Dunn's Post Office, on north side of San Antonio Road which is boundary today between Robertson and Brazos counties. Private fort.

5) Fort Milam, 1834, built as Sarahville de Viesca at falls on the Brazos on the river's east bank, early headquarters of Robertson Colony. Private and Texas Ranger fort.

6) Fort Wheelock, 1835, on San Antonio Road in present Robertson Colony, north of Dunn's Fort. Private fort.

7) Fort Marlin, 1835, four miles east of the falls on the Brazos and about two miles south of present Marlin. Private fort.

8) Fort Sullivan, 1835, just above Port Sullivan on the Brazos west bank in present Milam County, just above the mouth of the Little River as it drains into the Brazos. Private fort.

9) Fort Nashville, 1835, on west bank of the Brazos in present Milam County, 4.5 miles southeast of Gause, one mile below the mouth of the Little River. Private fort and capital of Robertson's Colony.

10) Tumlinson's Blockhouse, 1836, just outside of Leander in present Williamson County. Private fort and Texas Ranger camp.

11) Little River Fort, 1836, also known as Smith's Fort, Blockhouse Fort, and Fort Griffin, in present Bell County on Little River, established by Texas Ranger company led by George B. Erath. Texas Ranger fort.

12) Fort Fisher, 1837, brush arbor fort built near Waco Spring in Waco Indian Village, on west bank of the Brazos in Milam County. Texas Ranger fort.

13) Fort Oldham, 1837, four and one-half miles southeast of Cooke's Point, present Burleson County. Private fort.

14) Fort Burleson, 1839, same site as Fort Milam on the Brazos east bank. Texas Ranger fort.

15) Camp Caldwell, 1839, in south part of present Williamson County on the south bank of the Brushy. Texas Ranger fort.

16) Kenney's Fort, 1839, on south side of the juncture of the Brushy Creek and Dyer's Creek, 2.5 miles east of present Round Rock. Private fort.

17) Camp Brazos, 1839, camp of the Austin County Volunteers on the east bank of the Brazos in present Falls County. Texas Ranger camp.

18) Bryant Station, 1840, established by Benjamin F. Bryant at the request of Sam Houston, just north of Buckholts on Little River in present Milam County. Trading post and private fort.

19) Camp Chambers, 1840, on east side of the Brazos two miles north of present State Highway 7 bridge over the Brazos west of Marlin. Texas Ranger camp.

20) Childers' Settlement Station, 1840, four miles southwest of Rogers on the north bank of Little River. Texas Ranger station.

21) Camp San Gabriel, 1840, at Austin-Little River Fort crossing on the San Gabriel, near present Georgetown. Texas Ranger camp.

22) Camp Stroud, 1841, near Fort Marlin in present Falls County. Texas Ranger camp.

23) Camp Cazneau, 1841, Santa Fe Expedition camp immediately adjacent to Kenney's Fort in Williamson County on the south bank of the Brushy. Expedition camp.

24) Camp Navarro, 1841, a camp of the Santa Fe Expedition in present Bell County near abandoned Little River Fort. Expedition camp.

25) Fort Spunky, 1847, site of a trading post established by George Barnard in eastern present Hood County, occupied briefly by U.S. Army. Private fort.

26) Fort Gates, 1849, on Leon River five miles above mouth of Coryell Creek, five miles east of present Gatesville. U.S. Army fort. Lt. George E. Pickett was stationed here.

27) Camp Croghan, 1849, near divide between Colorado and Brazos watersheds in present Burnet County, just outside of Burnet. U.S. Army fort.

28) Fort Graham, 1849, near Brazos River in present Hill County, 14 miles east of present Hillsboro. U.S. Army fort.

29) Camp Shirley, date uncertain, in present Comanche County near the Brazos River. Private fort.

30) Black's Fort, 1851, 9 miles east of Bertram in present Burnet County. Private fort.

31) Fort Belknap, 1851, near Newcastle and Graham in present Young County. U.S. Army fort.

32) Fort Phantom Hill, 1851, on Clear Fork of the Brazos near Abilene in present Jones County, 30 miles south of Fort Griffin. U.S. Army fort.

33) Fort Griffin, 1853, also called Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos, or Camp Wisdom, present Shackelford County at the site of the town of Fort Griffin, 25 miles north of Albany. U.S. Army fort.

34) Fort Pickettville, 1854, two miles north of present Breckenridge in present Stephens County, probably built for the beginnings of Buchanan County which was never created. Private fort.

35) Camp Salmon, 1861, on line between present Eastland and Callahan counties. Texas Ranger station.

36) Camp Breckenridge, 1862, in present Stephens County at site of today's city of Breckenridge. Texas Ranger station.

37) Fort Richardson, 1867, near present Jacksboro in Jack County. U.S. Army fort.

38) U.S. Indian Reservation, 1854-1859, 58 square miles south of Fort Belknap where the Brazos makes three big bends, main building was three miles east of present Graham. Robert S. Neighbors was general supervisor of all Indians in Texas and Shapley P. Ross was Brazos agent. This was called the Lower or Brazos Reserve.

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