This webpage contains the roster of the Republic of Texas Army. The listing may be incomplete as many of the records burned in the capital fire of the early 1880's. Also, many of the names are difficult to read from the old microfilm reels and ofter complete names were not recorded.


Sam Houston

How Texas Got It's Name.

History of the Texas Revolution.

Texas Declaration of Independence (1836).

Jim Bowie, Hero of the Alamo

William Travis, Hero of the Alamo

Will Goyens, early-day Texian

Goliad Massacre(1836)

Battle of San Jacinto

Officers and Men in the Texas Revolution

Old 300 Anglo Settlers in Texas.

Important Documents of Early-Day Texas
General Santa Anna

From Republic to Statehood-The Story of Texas

Letters by Early-Day Texas Settlers.


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Army Rolls for the Republic of Texas

Source: Texas State Archives Online Index, Subseries: "Texas Revolution Military Rolls, 1835-1836" and "United States Volunteers Military Rolls, 1835-1837, 1842"

MUSTER ROLLS #1 1850, Texas General Land Office, Archives and Records Division, Austin, Texas

"This subseries consists of 7 rolls, representing the companies of 8 captains at the siege of Bexar of 1835, plus Colonel Fannin's division, plus the men at San Jacinto under General Houston, 1836. These lists were compiled sometime after the fact.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of ommisions in this listing as the original rolls were destroyed in the Oct 10, 1855 fire which swept through the Adjutant General's office. The General Land Office did, however, have copies of most of the original rolls; a positive photostat of the General Land Office Muster Rolls is available in the Texas State Archives, and each soldier on the G.L.O. Rolls has been included in the Biographical Index in the search room."

Hitchcock, S. Henry,
Harry, John H.,
Dimitt, Philip,
Fannin, J.W., Jr. (Col),
Ward, Wm. (Lt Col),
Travis, Wm. B. (Lt Col),
Grant, James (Dr),
Johnson, F.W. (Col)
Westover, Ira,
Winn, James C.,
Bullock, U.J.,
Ticknor, Isaac ,
King, Amon B.,
Duval, B.H.,V
Wyatt, P.S.,V
Burk, David N.,V
Pettus, Samuel O.,V
Shackleford, Jack,V
Horton, A.C.,V
Breece, Thomas H. ,
Lewellyn, Thos.,


Lt. Col. W. Barrett Travis, Bowie, James(Lt. Col. Commandant)

Foysyth, (Capt.),
Harrison, (Capt.),
Blazeley (Blazely), Wm. (Capt.),
Baker, Wm. C.M. (Capt.),
Evans, (Capt.),
Cary, (Capt.),
Blair, S.C. (Capt.),
Gilmore, (Capt.),
White, Robert (Capt.),
Kimbell, George C. (Lt),

- Col. James W. Fannin, Jr. Command, Wadsworth, W.A,
Bullock, U.J. ,
Winn, James C. ,
Ticknor, ,
Westover, Ira ,
King, Amon B. ,
Duval, B.H. ,
Wyatt, P.S. ,
Burk, David N. ,
Pettus, Samuel O. ,
Shackleford, Jack ,
Horton, A.C. ,
Fannin, J.W., Jr. (Col) ,
Ward, Wm. (Lt. Col.),
Wallace, Benjn. C. (Maj.),
Hill, Ben F. (Adjt Genl),

Fannin, J. W. (Col.)


Neil, J.C. (Lt. Col.)
Field and Staff, Garrison of Bexar. Carey, W.R. ,

Blazeley, Wm ,
Fassitt (Feassitt), G.A. (Capt.),
Ward, T.W. (Capt. Artillery),
Peacock, (Capt. Artillery),
Floddens (Floeder), (Capt. Artillery),


Parrott, T.L.F.(F.L.T.), Chesshire, James,
Swisher, James G.,
York (Yorke),
York, John ,
Morris, Robert C.,
Cooke, Wm. G,
Hiroms (Hirams), S.C. ,
Bradley, John M.,
Lewis, M.B.

BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO - April 20 & 21, 1836
from copy of list of Burleson's Command made Apr 22, 1836 by Wm. Gorham, Clerk


Houston, Sam (Maj. Gen.),
Neill, J.C. (Lt. Col.)/Moreland, J.N.,
Lamar, Mirabeau B./ (Commander),
Karnes, Henry,
Millard, Henry (Lt. Col.),
Allen, John M. (Actg. Major),
Briscoe, Andrew,
Turner, Amasa ,
Burleson (Burlison) Edward (Col.),
Sommerville, Alxr. (Lt. Col.),
Edward (Col.),
Burlison, Edward (Col.),
Somerville, Alexander (Lt. Col.),
McNutt, Robert (Maj.),
Wood, William (Capt.),
Tinsley, J.W. (1 Lt.),
Roman, Richard (Capt.),
Casey, George M. (1 Lt.),
Billingsley, Jesse (Capt.) ,
Andrews, Micah (1 Lt.) ,
Baker, Mosely (Capt.),
Kuykendall, Gibson (Capt.),
Francis, Miller (1 Lt.) ,
Rabb, Thos. J. (Capt.),
Head, Wm. J.C. (1 Lt.) ,
Bennett (Burnett), Jas. L. (Capt.) ,
Gillespie, James (1 Lt.) ,
Hill, W.W. (Capt.) ,
Swisher, H.H. (Ap. 1st Lt.) ,
Fisher, Wm. S. (Capt.),
Steele, Wm. H. (1 Lt.) ,
Calder, Robert J. (Capt.),
Sharp, John (1 Lt.),
Dawson, Nicholas M. (2 Lt.),
Craft, James A. (Lt.),
Finch, Mat (2 Lt.),
Eastland, Wm. M. (2 Lt.),
Hope, Adolphus (2 Lt.),
Carter, R.W.P. (2 Lt.) ,
Garrison (Larrison), Allen (2 Lt.),
Wood, Wm.,
Hart, John/ Roman, Richard (1 Lt.) ,
Roman, R.,
Billingsley, Jesse ,
Baker, Mosely ,
Kuykendall, Gibson ,
Heard, Wm. J.E.,
Heard, William E. ,
Hill, Wm. W. ,
Swisher, H.H. (Lt),
Fisher, William S. ,
Smith, Calder, R.J. ,
Sherman, Sidney (Col.),
Bennett, Jas. L. (Lt. Col.),
Wells, Lysander (Maj.),
Arnold, Haydon ,
Arnold, Haydon ,
Ware, William ,
Ware, Wm. ,
Logan, William M. ,
Patton, William H. ,
McIntire, Thomas H. ,
Galaspy, _____ (Capt) ,
Bryant, B. ,
Kimbro, Wm. ,
Seguin, Juan N.,
McNutt, Robert (Maj.) ,
Splane, P.R. ,
Chance, J.B.,
Wyley (Wiley), A.H. ,
Duncan, Peter ,
Ratcliff, W.D. ,
Bellingsley, Jesse (Capt.) Co. C,
Baker, Mosely (Capt.) Co. D,
Smith, (Capt.) Co. J,
Mabbitt, Leonard H. ,
Lockhart, Byrd ,
Bradley, John M. ,
Secrests, W.H. ,
Smith, Wm H./,
Robbins, Thomas/,
Hooper, Richard,
Harper, B.J.,
Hardin, Lynch, J.P.,
Collins, E.W. ,
Cleveland, H.N. ,
Stewart, Thomas ,
Ravill, B.F.,
Hamilton, Wm. ,
Brown, Nicholas (Sgt.),
Ingram, John ,
Smith, L. (Maj.),
Bird, John ,
Ross, Reuben,
Chenoweth, John ,
Quitman, John A./ ,
Strickland, Wm,
Robinson, J.J. (2 Lt.) ,
Earl, H.C.D. ,
Allen, James,
Graham, Wm. ,
Elliott, W.J. [William John],
Sweitzer, Alonzo B. ,
Soverein, Jos ,
Shaw, Orson ,
Wigginton, H.R.A. [Henry],
Sweeney, John *
Sweeny (Sweeney), John
Sweeny, John,
Fairchild, Hiram ,
Pratt, Thomas ,
Stiles, George ,
Hays, William Rufus C. ,
Holmes, James L. ,
Hubbell, H. A. ,
Hughes, J.Z. [James] ,
Fowler, C.A.W./,
Scroggs, John (1 Lt. Comm.),
Van Norman, Wm.,
Becknell, William ,
Skerrett, Mark B. ,
Harbert, D.D. (1 Lt.) ,
Burnet (Burnett), Wm D. ,
Cook (Cooke), L.P.
Hart, John ,
Love, Palas Shivers, Offa L.(S.),
Thornton, F.W./ Conrad, Edward ,
Thompson, W. ,
Thomson, Wm. ,
Marshall, Abraham ,
Chenoweth, John Read, Benjn. S. ,
Rockhold, D.B. ,
Burnett, Wm. D. ,
Harreld, Wm. E. ,
Price, James Pope ,
Shaw, Orson/ ,
Brooks, Edward (1 Lt. Comm.),
Hays, William Rufus C. (2 Lt. Comm.),
Rockhold, D.B.
Frailey, G. Clinton
Hart, William C.
Pratt, Thomas ,
Reed (Read),
Benjn. S.,
Robertson, Jerome R. ,
McLure (McClure),
Robertson, Sterling C.,
Boales, Calvin ,
Boales, Calvin ,
Owen, Clark L. ,
Allen, Thos. W.G. ,
Chesher (Chessher),
James Arnold, Hayden,
Coe (Coel), Philip ,
Barrett, G.W.,
Howth, W.E. ,
Teal, Henry/,
Snively, J. (1 Lt. Comm.),
Elliott, J.D. ,
Lynch, N.,
Wheelock, E.L.R. (Whittock),
Walden (Waldon), Alfred P. ,
Wheelock, E.L.R. ,
Smith, S. (Lt.) ,
Lynch, N. (Brevt. Capt.) ,
Teal, Henry/ Snively, J. (1 Lt. Comm.),
Durocher, Chas. L./ ,
Lalanette (Salanette),,
F.L. (1 Lt. Comm.) ,
McFarland, Dougald (2 Lt. Comm.) ,
Jewell (Jewel), Geo. W. ,
Barron, Thos. H. ,
Snively, Jacob/ Nelson, David S. (2 Lt. Comm.),
McFarland, Dougald Company B (2 Lt. Comm.),
Durocher, Charles L./,
Lalanette (Salanette),
L.F. (F.L.), (1 Lt. Comm.) ,
Lynch, Nicholas/
Smith, John (Comm.)
Seguin, John N. (Lt. Col. Comm.),
Thomas, B.R.,
Walden, Alfred P. ,
McFarland, Dugald (2 Lt. Comm.) ,
Chamberlain, H.P. (Lt. Comm.),
Walden, Alfred P./,
Robbless, Alexander (1 Lt. Comm.),
Barron (Barren), T.H.,
Costley, Michael,
Miller, John , (2 Lt. Comm.),
Flores, Manuel (1 Lt. Comm.) ,
Flores, Salvador ,
Smith, John,
Snively, Jacob/ Nelson, David S. (2 Lt. Comm.),
McCaskey, R.D. (Lt.)/,
Howard, Geo. T.(F.) (2 Lt. Comm.),
Irvine, R.B.(J.B.) Moncur, James (Lt. Comm.),
Sprowl, James C. (J.F. J.T.)(Lt. Comm.),
Smith, John Levey, M. (Lt. Comm.),
Burnett, William D./
McClyman, J.B. (1 Lt. Comm.),
Burton [Isaac Watts]
McClure, John
Pyron, David T.
Allen, James C.
, Peebles, Lettlewood W. ,
Burroughs, George H.,
Colerick, Charles ,
Reed, Henry ,
Thomas, B.R. (2 Lt. Comm.) ,
Pierson, J.G.W [John Goodloe Warren] ,
Parker, Gustavus A. ,
Chesshire, James ,
Seale (Seal), Eli ,
Clapp, Elisha ,
English, George ,
Burnett (Bennett)William D. ,
McClyman (McClym), John B. (1 Lt. Comm.) ,
Green, T.J. (Brig Gen) ,

Field Officers

Green, T.J. (Brig. Gen.),
Ward, (Lt. Col.),
Dyer, Lion (Leon) (Aid de Camp),
Milroy, Magon (Major?)

Captain's Commanding Co.
Graham (Capt.),
Fairchilds (Fairchild) (Capt.),
Wigginton (Winginton) (Capt.),
Switzer (Capt.),
Hughes (Capt.) ,
Thompson (Capt.),
Reed (Redd) (Capt.),
Marshall (Capt.),
Parker (Capt.),
Chenoworth (Chenoweth) (Capt.),
Hayes (Capt.),


Elliott (Lt.)
Norton (Lt.)
Hall (Lt.),
Dickson (Lt.),
Gamble (Lt.) ,
Smith (Lt.),
Sweeney (Lt.) ,
Foulkes (Lt.),
Fowler (Lt.) ,
Olliven (Olliver) (Lt.),
Humbustine (Hennbustine) (Lt.) ,
Eves (Eaves) (Lt.),
Hanks (Lt.) ,
Pratt (Lt.),
Wells (Lt.) ,
True (Lt.),
Paskall (Lt.),


Eguny (Capt., Qr. Master),
Greenville (Lt., Asst. QM),
McLasky (McLarky) (Lt., Asst. Comisy. Sub.),
McLellan (Capt., Comisy. Sub.),
McFetters (Ensign),
McLune, J. (Sgt. Major),
Scott (Lt., Ordinance),
Kelly (Sgt., Qr. Mr.),
Speakman (Sgt., Commy.),
Kitchen (Ketchem) (Waggon Master),
(Signed) James McGuin, Adjt.,
Morehouse, Edwin (Col.)

Commissioned and Non Commissioned Staff

1st Regt., 1st Brigade Volunteers
Texas Army, Aug 31, 1836
Morehouse, Edwin (Col.), 1st Appointment Nov 21, 1835, Maj. to Lt. Col. Jun 22, 1836, Lt. Col. to Col. Aug 5, 1836,
Cleaveland, A.(H.) N.,< Capt. to Lt. Col. Aug 9, 1836, (Lt. Col.),
Gillan, Benj. T. (Maj.) Capt. to Maj. Aug 17, 1836,
Millard, Henry Field and Staff, (Lt. Col.)

1st Regt. Infantry, Texas Army Aug 31, 1836

Millard, Henry (Lt. Col.) Commission Dec 15, 1835,
Smith, John (Lt. & Adjt) Commission Jun 21, 1836,
Winston, John (Jas.) S. Commission Jul 27, 1836, (Asst. Surgeon),
Neil (Neill), James C. (Col.) ,
Morehouse, Edwin (Col.) Staff,

1st Regt. Rusk's Brigade Volunteer Texas Army Sep 30, 1836,

Morehouse, Edwin (Col.) Enlistment Aug 5, 1836,
Cleveland, H.N. (Lt. Col.) Enlistment Aug 9, 1836,
Gillen, Benjamin Y. (Maj.) Enlistment Aug 17, 1836,
Dep: H.Q. Camp Johnson La Baca River, Harrison, C.L. (Col.) Field and Staff, 1st Regt.,
1st Brigade, Kentucky Volunteers Aug 31, 1836 ,
Harrison, Charles L. (Col.) Commission Apr 20, 1836,
Holmes, James L. (Maj.) Commission Aug 27, 1836,
Morehouse, E. (Col.),
Cleveland, H.W. (Lt. Col.),
Gillen, Benjamin Y. (Maj.),
Turner, Amasa ,
Field and Staff (Lt. Col), 1st Regt. Infantry, Texas Army, Commissions from May 1, 1836 Aug 31, 1836 - Oct 31, 1836,

Turner, Amasa (Lt. Col.) Commission Aug 27, 1836, Regt. Command Sep 21, 1836,
Teal, Henry (Maj.) Commission Aug 27, 1836,


Smith, John (Capt.) Commission Aug 29, 1836,

(Capt. 2nd Infty.)

Millard, Henry (Lt. Col.),
Turner, Amasa/ (Lt. Col.),
Irvine, R.B. Teal, Henry (Maj.),
Woodhouse, M.P.(H.R.) (Lt. & Adjt.),
Hill, Wm. W. ,
Lewis, M.B./ Ingram ,
Sample, David ,




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