This webpage contains the cemetery listing for the Reagan, Texas Hog Island Cemetery.


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Hog Island Cemetery Listing, Reagan Falls County, Texas.

This webpage is dedicated to the former residents of the Reagan area and specifically for those decendents doing genealogy research on early-day Reagan residents.

Location of Reagan Hog Island Cemetery

The easiest way to find the Hog Island cemetery is to go north on HW6 from Reagan driving towards Marlin. About 2 miles north of Reagan, you'll see the big green Washington Cemetery sign pointing west of HW6. Turn right on County Road 224 and head east until you see a big house on the left side of the road and a mailbox on the right side of the road with the Address: 291 CR224. The gate to the entrance of Hog Island Cemetery is on the right side of the road. Enter the gate and drive back to the cemetery.


BENNETT, Henry L., b Wilson County, Tennessee 12-6-1808, d Falls County, Texas 9-20-1881 (Large stone, with wife's inscription on same stone)

BENNETT, Jane Marshall - wife of H.L. Bennett, b Lincoln County, Kentucky 6-11-1807, d Falls County, Texas 8-24-1878 - inscribed "Erected by children and grandchildren"

KEESEE, Milton B. , b 2-7-1853, d 11-12-1878 (surveyed in 1963 by Norma Rutledge Grammer as: b 2-7-1856, d 11-12-1878)

BENNETT, Eddie - son of A. L. & @C. (or J .E. ) Bennett, b & d 1-5-1873

MARLIN, William Payne - son of James & Emeline (Payne) Marlin, b 4-14-1855, d 10-5-1916

MARLIN, Sarah E. ("Sallie" E. Erwin) - wife of W.P. Marlin, b 9-22-1854, d 1-3-1923

DAVIS,=Ida L. - wife of W.T. Davis, b 11-15-1870, d 11-3-1889

HOLLAND, Infant Son of T.H. & M.J. (or M.E.) Holland, b & d 4-12-1873

HOLLAND, Viola B. - daughter of T.H. & M.J. (or M.E.) Holland, b 9-17-1880, d 11-10-1882

WINZER, Milton Lee,, b 3-7-1874, d 10-29-1904

WINZER, Nettie Iola - daughter of J.S.M. & M.L. Winzer, b 2-16-1899, d 11-11-1908 (surveyed in 1963 by Norma Rutledge Grammer as b 2-16-1899, d 11-11-1903)

WINZER, Mary E. - wife of W.P. Winzer, b 2-18-1864, d 1-15-1884 (surveyed in 1963 by Noma Rutledge Grammer as: b 2-3-1864, d 6- -1884)

YOUNGBLOOD, Lizzie F. - daughter of P. & A.E. Youngblood, b79-25-1886, d 6-23-1888

HAYS, i4att Earl - son of S.E. & S.J. Hays, b 2-2-1896, d 9-9-1900 (surveyed in 1963 by Norma Rutledge Grammer as: 2-2-1896, d 9-3-1900)

HAYS, Rena F. - daughter of S.E. & S.J. Hays, b 1-14-1884, 'i 11-16-1884 (surveyed in 1963 by Norma Rutledge Grammer as: b 1-14-1884, d 11-6-1884)

DAVISON, Dr. Stephen Decatur, b 4-18-1851 in Pineville, Monroe County, Alabama, d 10-7-1924 (lst wife, Katie Bell Stallworth)

DAVISON, Sarah ("Sallie" Tankersley) - 2nd wife of Dr. S.D. Davison, b 3-16-1861, d 4-27-1912

DAVISON, Katie Bell (Stallworth) - l st wife of Dr. S.D. Davison, b 8-2-1855, d 11-11-1877 - daughter of M.P. & C.E. Stallworth, of Monroe County, Alabama

DAVISON, Irbee E. - son of S.D. & S.T. Davison, b 7-7-1883, d 3-26-1884

DAVISON, B. F., b Monroe County, Alabama 5-20-1854, d 9-12-1878

DAVISON, Willie E. - son of M. & S. Davison, b 11-1-1876, d 8-18-1882

DAVISON, Mrs. N.C., b 7-8-1824, d 3-20-1912 - 2nd wife of Hugh E. Davison

DAVISON, Hugh E. Davison, b 2-22-1815, d 11-2zt-1889

CLUCK, Martha Jane ("Jennie" Davison) - wife of Dr. N.M. Cluck, and daughter of Hugh E. & Mary Jane (Andress) Davison, b 8-15-1841, d 6-8-1890

CLUCK, Dr. N. M., b 1-8-1839, d 7-31-1900

PRUETT, C. A., b 9-16-1847 in Conecuh County, Alabama; d 4-9-1903 - "Joined Reagan Baptist Church August 1876"

RANKIN, Minnie M. - daughter of R .B . & A .J. Rankin, b 5-10-1872, (i 9-5-1878) <

BRYANT - no other identification, 1919 (only date on stone) (May be: B. R. Vant ?)

JONES, Carrie B. - wife of Luther Lee Jones, b 1-18-1882, d 4-18-1912

JONES, Luther Lee, b 3-1-1879, d 8-19-1919 - engraved "Our DaD"

JONES, Sebastian S.,, b 4-6-1834, d 6-9-1901

JONES, Frances E. - wife of Sebastian S. Jones, b 6-22-l8zi2, no death date

JONES, James R. - son of S.S. & F. E . Jones, b 9-10-1867, (I 6-1-1888)

TANKERSLEY, George, b 1-5-1833, d 12-11-1884

TANKERSLEY, Flora A. (or J.) - wife of George Tankersley, b 7-4-1843, d 2-27-1924

ANDRESS, Fannie (Tankersley) - wife of S.D. Andress, b 3-14-1867, d 5-1-1882

FOUNTAIN, Clara M. daughter of H.S. & E.G. Fountain, b 7-18-1869, d 7-17-1877

FOUNTAIN, Andrew H. son of T.G. & L. D. Fountain, b 5-2-1880, d 11-1-1883

FOUNTAIN, Claud - Elder Son of T.G. & L. D. Fountain, b 7-29-1869, d 11-20-1873

MOORE, Wallace N., b 7-6-1877, d 11-22-1915

MOORE, Robert Calvin, b 9-29-1904, d 11-5-1907

MOORE, Leslie Lee - son of W .N. & O .J. Moore, b 9-26-1899, d 8-28-1903

MOORE, Luther, b 1-1-1846, d 2-23-1918 - inscribed "He died as he lived, a Christian"

MOORE, Eliza A. wife of Luther Moore, b 11-3-1850, d 1-30-1926

Also, in Hog Island Cemetery there are two unmarked graves that had wooden crosses a few years back. These two graves are also recorded at one of the area funeral homes and listed in coroner's reports as being buried here. They are:
STONE, Julia Ann Richey, 2nd wife of Adolphus Wakefield Stone. Adams Funeral Home in Marlin has the records for Julia Ann Richey Stone. She was born Aug. 29, 1849 in Hineston,Rapides Parish, LA., the daughter of Abel Richey & Elizabeth Jones. She died Dec. 20, 1932 in Reagan, Falls Co., TX. & is buried in Hog Island Cemetery, Falls Co., TX. She was 83 years, 3 months, & 20 days old at the time of her death. Adolphus is buried at McClanahan Cemetery.

STONE, Annie Richey. Annie was the sister of Julia Ann Richey Stone.

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