Mustang Prairie, Falls County, Texas

This webpage contains the Mustang Prairie history, area bulletin board, and cemetery listing. Mustang Prairie was once a thriving community located between the settlements of Kosse Texas and Bremond Texas.


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An Old West Settlement in Falls County Texas

Welcome to Len Kubiak's Texas History Series. This webpage describes the history of Mustang Prairie, an early-day Texas settlement in Falls County. The settlement was located on what is now Falls County Road 283, just off State Hwy 14, approximately six miles Northeast of Bremond, and three miles Southwest of Kosse.

If you have any related information, please send me an email (lenkubiak.geo@yahoo.geo).

Mustang Prairie Location

Mustang Prairie Cemetery (Photo taken in the late 1970's) Curtesy Milton Turnipseed

Mustang Prairie Baptist Church and School (Photo taken in the late 1970's). Buiding was destroyed by a tornado in the 1980's.


If you have any related information, please send me an email (lenkubiak.geo@yahoo.geo).

Received the following email in response to Jayme Biery's email below:

I am copying three of the Brown family members you are seeking information on. We should be able to help. My father, Porter Brown, Jr. and his father grew up in Mustang Prairie on part of the WALTER L BROWN survey from the State of Texas. They moved to Marlin, TX around the 30's. We are related to Hiram Brown. I am not sure if we have much information on Sarah Hill, but would like to find out more about our relatives.

Larry Brown
205 Lee Lane
Lorena, Tx 76655 (work) (personal)

Received the following email from Jayme Biery (
Subject: Brown Family - Mustang Prairie, Falls County, TX

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. It helped me somewhat solve the mystery of my grandmother's roots. Nobody seemed to know anything beyond that she and her sister had to go live with her aunt and uncle. No one kept track of her mother's name, just that her grandmother was Sarah E. Hill, who is buried in Navarro County. And no one knew the name of her father (just that the last name was Brown.) Looking at the censuses in the later 1800's, I wondered if, perhaps, Hiram was her father. His age was right. Different clues led me to your site eventually and I found both Hiram and Dora V (it might be W) Brown buried in the Mustang Prairie Cemetary. It solves the mystery. I don't know what both of them died of, but I do know now that they didn't just dump the kids on Dora's sister - Mary A. Peacock - and disappear.

Hiram & Dora Brown (nee Hill) had 3 children:

Virginia Brown
Della M Brown
Dora Vermelle Brown married Frederick (Fred or Fritz) Biery (when he came to install the phone systems). They had three children:
Samuel Biery
Charles Biery (my dad)
Dorothy Biery

Is there more information available about the Brown family? My grandmother was around 2 when he died. So, there isn't much information. I'd like to know what my great grandparents died of. Did they have their own place, or farm someone else's? I do know that my great-great grandmother Sarah Hill (widow) kept house for J.M. Snider (widower) according to the 1880 census.

I'd appreciate any pointers or information you could give me.

Jayme Biery



In the early 1820s, a few trappers began moving into the Mexican territory that later became known as Mustang Prairie, Reagan and Marlin. By 1833, Sarahville de Viesca (later called Fort Viesca) was established by empresario, Sterling Robertson, on a high bluff overlooking the Falls on the Brazos. His colonists lived there in relative safety, and a company of rangers guarded them when they worked in the nearby fields.
By the 1830s, several families had settled in the region and Mustang Prairie was born. However growth in the settlement was slow until the 1860s-1870s with the outbreak of the civil war and the arrival of the railroad at nearby Bremond. A wagon train load of settlers arrived from Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee in 1866. The present-day Mustang Prarie cemetery was established in 1869 (first dated burial was that of seven-year-old Laura M. Jones in 1869). However an earlier cemetery in use since the mid 1820s is now on private property and not part of the new cemetery.

The Mustang Prairie New Hope Baptist Church, established in 1873, was founded by Jonathan J. Davis who served as pastor from 1873 to 1890. In 1887, Reverand Davis was elected to the 20th State Legislature and reelected for two more terms (22nd and 23rd legislatures).
Church services were discontinued at the Mustang Prairie New Hope Baptist Church in the 1940's and the building was used as a school. In the early 1980's, a tornado destroyed the church/school.

In 1910 Mustang Prairie was granted a conditional eighth grade, and a two-story addition was built. By 1921 a storm had destroyed the building and its two-story addition; the original building was rebuilt. By 1939, only 13 students remained in the school, which was closed in 1940; students transferred to Kosse, later to Bremond. Within the decade, New Hope Baptist Church services were discontinued; the church building was demolished by tornado in the early 1980s.
Mustang Prairie is located on Falls County Road 283, just off State Hwy 14, approximately six miles Northeast of Bremond, and three miles Southwest of Kosse.

In 1997, a Texas Historical Marker was placed at the site of the settlement 16 mi. E of Marlin on SH 7 to Kosse; 3 mi. SW on SH 14 to CR 283.

The marker reads, "Though included in the Sterling Robertson grant of 1834, Mustang Prairie had only a handful of settlers prior to the Civil War. With Reconstruction and the 1870 arrival of the railroad at nearby Bremond came many business people. The majority of settlers were from Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The first dated burial in Mustang Prairie Cemetery was that of seven-year-old Laura M. Jones in 1869. Most of the families of Mustang Prairie are interred here. By 1872, Jonathan B. Davis had established the New Hope Baptist Church. School children first attended classes in the church building; a three-room frame schoolhouse was built in 1877.

In 1910 Mustang Prairie was granted a "conditional" eighth grade, and a two-story addition was built. By 1921 a storm had destroyed the building and its two-story addition; the original building was rebuilt. By 1939, only 13 students remained in the school, which was closed in 1940; students transferred to Kosse, later to Bremond. Within the decade, New Hope Baptist Church services were discontinued; the church building was demolished by tornado in the early 1980s. Now a small community, Mustang Prairie upholds a proud history of influence in Falls County and beyond. (1997)".



Charles Carson McKinley, born October 12, 1797, in North Carolina, died November 13, 1860, at Mustang Prairie, Falls County, Texas and buried in Eutaw Cemetery in Limestone County, Texas -was married in 1822 to Nancy Wallace, born November 23, 1800, in North Carolina, died March 3, 1879, and buried by her husband in Eutaw Cemetery.

Charles Carson and Nancy moved to Georgia about 1827, where he was a successful farmer. In 1849, he sold his property in Georgia and headed west with his wife, children, a son-in-law, some grandchildren, and his slaves. In 1850, they reached Kosciusko, Mississippi, where Charles rented land for a year and made a crop. Leaving Mississippi in the fall of 1850, the large family migrated to Texas -- crossing the Mississippi River by Ferry at Vicksburg, and arriving in Limestone County in the spring of 1851 with their ox wagon caravan.

Charles leased a farm, and then purchased several hundred acres of timberland in the Mustang Prairie Comminity of Falls County -- near the Eutaw Community of Limestone County. Two of his sons and three sons-in-law served in the Civil War, in the Confederate States Army, and one son was killed in that service.

Charles Carson and Nancy (Wallace) McKinley were the parents of nine children: Harriett Virginia McKinley, born December 17, 1824, in North Carolina, died July 25, 1900, at Mustang Prairie and buried in Eutaw Cemetery -- married in Georgia to Waller L. Brown.

Jane McKinley, born April 27, 1828, in Georgia, date of death unknown -- but before 1896 -- married in 1850 to John W. McDaniel, born 1825 in Georgia, d October 22, 1896. The burial place of Jane and John McDaniel has not been found. They had four children: Ophelia McDaniel, b February 11, 1854, married Zachary Taylor Williams; Charles A. McDaniel -- died young; John McDaniel -- no information; and Augusta Jane McDaniel, b June 14, 1863, d February 21, 1903, married Rodney Ferrell Ayers, b 1854 in Mississippi.

Emily D. McKinley, b January 15, 1830, in Georgia, d August 22, 1860, married ca 1849 to Augustus H. McDaniel, b April 13, 1829, d April 26, 1864, and both buried in Eutaw Cemetery. They had four children: Caledonia Eugenia McDaniel, Emma McDaniel, Louisa McDaniel, and William A. McDaniel.

Crecidus C. McKinley (name spelled on different documents as "Cresida," "Crecidas," and "Cressida"), b August 30, 1831 in Georgia, d April 1, 1913 in Limestone County, Texas and buried in the Kosse Cemetery -- married first on May 27, 1855 in Falls County, Texas to James Madison Springfield, b December 4, 1812, d November 14, 1870 -- whose first wife was Susan Gentry -- daughter of Samuel and Emeline (Payne) Gentry. James Atwood Springfield, b 1858, d 1876; Aaron Lee Springfield, Emma Springfield, and Eula Springfield. Crecidus married second and became the third wife of her former brother-in-law, Captain James P. Brown, b March 5, 1829, d July 23, 1897, and buried in the Brown Family Cemetery (Located north of Kosse, Limestone, County, Texas on Highway 14). Captain Brown and Crecidus had two daughters: Lillie Adaline Brown, d March 18, 1875, and Nancy Matilda Brown, b April 14, 1874, d May 5, 1875, and both buried in the Brown Family Cemetery by their father and his first two wives.

Edward McKinley, b April 1, 1833, in Georgia, d 1860 -- was not married.

James Franklin McKinley, b December 13, 1834, in Georgia, d July 17, 1863, in Arkansas while in the Confederate States Army during the Civil war -- married Mary Frances Amelia Paschall.

Charles Wesley McKinley, b November 3, 1836, in Georgia, d January 26, 1910, was buried in Mart, Texas. He enlisted in Company K, 12th Cavalry, Parson's Texas Brigade of the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. On September 5, 1867, he married Susan Anna Person, d December 30, 1896. They were in Marlin, Texas, with Justice of the Peace J. P. Bernard Coone officiating. Charles Wesley and Susan Anna (Person) McKinley had nine children, and they resided in Limestone and McLennan Counties, Texas.

Caroline Albina McKinley (called "Carrie"), b May 29, 1840, in Georgia, d April 10, 1868, and buried in the Brown Family Cemetery in Limestone County, Texas -- married first to Thomas Henry Clark. She married second, and was the second wife of Captain James P. Brown, b March 5, 1829, d July 23, 1897, whose first wife was Mary Ann Bryan, b June 30, 1830, d April 26, 1865, and buried in the Brown Family Cemetery; and whose third wife was his former sister-in-law, Crecidus C. (McKinley) Springfield. Captain Brown -- a son of Ervin and Matilda (Burdette) Brown -- was commander of a company of Limestone County Volunteers in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War.

Adeline McKinley, b December 24, 1842, in Upson County, Georgia, d September 9, 1898, and buried in Eutaw Cemetery -- married Allen Wilson McDaniel, b August 2, 1835, d June 3, 1915, and buried by his wife in Eutaw Cemetery. They had twelve children: Emily McDaniel, Lillie McDaniel, James Wesley McDaniel, Allen Burris McDaniel, Henry McDaniel, Albert Carl McDaniel, b July 29, 1869, d November 29, 1962 in Marlin, Texas who married August 11, 1895 in Falls County, Texas to Lydia Clare Durham -- b October 3, 1876 in Falls County, d November 29, 1962 in Marlin, Texas and buried in Calvary Cemetery in Marlin, Texas; Icie Levicia McDaniel; Zachary Taylor McDaniel; Annie McDaniel; Preston holly McDaniel; William McDaniel; and Tommie McDaniel who married Edward M. Erskine -- son of John W. and Sarah Jane (Snipes) Erskine.

Received the following email from the wife of James Wesley McDaniel's grandson.

"James Wesley McDaniel is my husband's grandfather, he went by J.W. my husband said. Our second son is named Wesley and My husbands name is James Cary McDaniel, son of Tina Griggs McDaniel and Luroff Wesley McDaniel.

We have a genelogy book that Icie McKinley got together before she died. I am always interested in family and just thought you might be intrested to know that we are alive and mostly well, in Tucson, Arizona.

We have two sons, Darin Jay McDaniel, born in Gallup, New Mexico and Wesley Brian born here in Tucson. Darin has two sons, Matthew Cary, and Sean Wesley. Wes has one daughter, Krista Wynell and one son. Brian Wayne. and so it goes on.

With much respect, Helen A. McDaniel" Helen McDaniel email address:

Early-Day Teachers at Mustang Prairie School

In 1907, the teaching staff at Mustang Prairie School was a one room school conducted in the Mustang Prairie church. The teacher in this one room school was H L Cobb.

Another of the prominent families of Mustang Prairie was the Pamplin family.

Wilson A. Pamplin, born April 16, 1831 in Tennessee, died December 16, 1885 in Limestone County, Texas and buried in Eutaw Cemetery, was a son of Robert Jennings Pamplin, born in 1793 in Virginia, died after 1850 in Choctaw County, Mississippi, and his wife, Elizabeth, born 1805 in Georgia, died before 1870 in Falls County, Texas, near Mustang Prairie.

Wilson A. Pamplin was married first on January 18, 1866 to Margaret Brown, born 1848, died 1868 - a daughter of Waller L. and Harriett (McKinley) Brown. They had no children, and Wilson was married second on February 27, 1870 to her sister, Maria Virginia Brown, born March 3, 1854, died September 16, 1877. They were the parents of three children before Maria's death:
Reuben Alexander Pamplin, b June 29, 1871, d April 18, 1915 - married December 11, 1904 to Bertha Magee, and had four children.

Alice Pamplin, b January 8, 1873, d November 17, 1890 and buried in the Mustang Prairie Cemetery, Falls County, Texas.

Thomas Oscar Pamplin, b May 25, 1876, d May 17, 1948 and buried at Mustang Prairie - married ca 1898 to Mamie V. Dunn, b August 30, 1882, d June 12, 1972 and buried in Mustang Prairie - rearing only two of five children: An Infant, b & d October 11, 1899; Nellie Wilson Pamplin, b August 10, 1901, d March 16, 1908; Infant, b & d February 13, 1904 and buried in Mustang Prairie Cemetery; Albert Brady Pamplin, b May 28, 1907, d June 1, 1986 and buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Marlin, Texas - married Gladys Miles.

Wilmer Pamplin, born in 1878 - married Vera Williams and had one son, Thomas Pamplin. After the death of his second wife, Maria Virginia (Brown) Pamplin, Wilson A. Pamplin was married third on May 14, 1879 to Delilah A. (Crouch) Davidson, b December 1844 in Louisiana - a widow of George T. Davidson, who was listed on the Mortality Schedule as "murdered." Delilah had a daughter, b ca 1870 in Texas, and she and Wilson had a daughter, Johnnie W. Pamplin, b January 1885 in Falls County, Texas. In 1900, Delilah and Johnnie Pamplin were living in Wilson County, Texas.

Wilson A. Pamplin, his brother, John William Pamplin, and a sister, Margaret Pamplin - not married - were living in the Mustang Prairie Community, where they farmed and reared their families. There are many Pamplin descendants who continue to reside in Falls County, Texas.

Reuben Alexander Pamplin, b June 29, 1871 in Mustang Prairie, Falls County, Texas, d April 18, 1915 and buried in Mustang Prairie Cemetery - was a son of Wilson A. and Maria Virginia (Brown) Pamplin, and a grandson of Robert Jennings and Elizabeth Pamplin and Waller and Harriett (McKinley) Brown - early pioneers in Falls County, Texas. Reuben Alexander Pamplin was a reader in all the activities of his community, in its political affairs, and .n all church affairs. He was a consecrated Christian. !\t an early age, he and his brother, Thomas Oscar Pamplin, had been orphaned, and had to make their own way in the world. Reuben was fond of books and soon availed himself of the best education that his means would allow. He prepared himself for the legal profession, but was never able to take up that profession. He joined the New Hope Baptist Church at Mustang Prairie while a young man.

On December 11, 1904, Reuben was married to Bertha Magee, of Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, and they had four children:

Reva Pamplin, who married Clyde Williams - a son of Virgil M. and Martha (Barclay) Williams, of Mustang Prairie, and they had Reuben Blaine Williams who married Annie Pearl Taylor; Katherine Williams; Virgil H. Williams, who married Carolyn A. Morrow; and Audrey Williams, who married B. Bates Oldham.

Ruby Pamplin, who married Louis Alston, and they had Billy Gene Alston, who married Betty Evans; and Bobbie Dell Alston, who married F. Daniel Mienka.

Willa Pamplin, who married Raymond Evans, and had Bettie Lou Evans(married Elliott D. Story, Jr.), Bonnie Sue Evans (married Billy D. Ramsey), Raymond Blake Evans (married Martha L. Trampeta), Carl Wayne Evans; and James Evans (deceased). This is the Evans family of Reagan (See

Walton C. Pamplin, who married Mrs. Minnie Pearl Smith. No further information.

Maxie and Mattie Higgins were both born in the late 1890's and died in the 1970's. Mattie was English and Maxie was part Irish and par Cherokee. His mom was Cherokee and his dad was Irish. Maxie was very strong. If any of his friends machinery broke down and his friends couldn't untighten the bolts on tractors and other machinery they would call Maxie. He also was very good with numbers. He could calculate almost anything in his head without writing it down. Mattie was very quite, but sweet and was always taking good care of Maxie.

Mustang Prairie Cemetery Listing (1988)

Surveyed, Typed, and Presented by Mrs. Marian Garrett Gibbs and Mrs. Joydelle Garrett Wolfram for Falls County Historical Commission, Mr. Jimmie D. Biddle, Chairman.

Alphabetized and made available to our website curtesy of Milton Turnipseed (1997).

Ackles, Sherman H. 1879-1949

Allen, Julia Kennedy, (inscribed �Wife�), b. 11-10-1895, d. 12-28-1977

Allen, J. Norman, 8-8-1886, d. 3-24-1960
Allen, Leila (Gillis), wife of J.F. Allen, b. 1-31-1868, d. 7-24-1908
Allen, William Leroy, son of J.F. & Leila Allen, b. 5-21-1889, d.2-14-1892
Allen, Zias Ellouise (Davis), called �Ella,� wife of John Wesley Allen, daughter of Zacheus (�Zias�) & Martha Ann (�Patsy� Ratliff) Davis, b. 5-30-1846 in Copiah County, Mississippi, d.2-2-1834 (her husband, a CSA veteran, d. in Indian territory, now Oklahoma)

Avery, Jesse M., b. 11-28-1907, d. 1-29-1966
Avery, Ora Catherine, wife of W.A. Avery, b. 4-14-1887, d. 2-7-1958
Avery, William Andrew, b. 5-16-1871, d. 12-23-1957

Berger, Carolyn Jean,(inscribed �Granddaughter), 2-22-1955 (only one date)
Berger, Charlie Henry, 1-3-1920 (only one date)
Berger, Eugenia Lois, 3-16-1916 (only one date)

Bodine, Sarah, b. 3-19-1845, d. 11-14-1928

Bramlett, Mrs. Etta, b. 5-10-1889, d. 4-10-1963, aged 68 years, 4 mo. 7 days
Bramlett, Florence, b. 1905 (or 1925), d. 1931
Bramlett, Frank T., b. 1-18-1909, d. 2-26-1912
Bramlett, Grover C., b. 5-22-1914, d. 6-20-1915
Bramlett, Mae, b. 1-25-1881, d. 1-10-1917

Briggs, Clara A., b. 6-30-1877, d, 12-29-1896
Briggs, infant son of B.F. & L.L. Briggs, b. 4-12-1892, d. 4-19-1892
Briggs, Hattie (Fore), (inscribed �Sister�), 1879-1899
Briggs, Lottie Lela (Godfrey), 1st wife of Benjamin Franklin Briggs (buried in McClanahan Cemetery), daughter of Lott Leguin Godfrey and his 2nd wife, Nancy (�Nannie�) Roark Godfrey, also buried in this cemetery, b. 10-13-1874, d. 1-8-1902
Briggs, Robert Lee, son of H.W. & Clara Briggs, 1898-1899

Brown, Albert Walter, b. 10-4-1896, d. 3-16-1976
Brown, B.D., b. 3-2-1891, d. 10-30-1892
Brown, C.B., b. 12-27-1896, d. 6-30-1897
Brown, C.L., wife of M.M. Brown, b. 5-25-1860, d. 6-12-1886
Brown, Carrie, b. 3-30-1866, d. 3-19-1883
Brown, D.G., b. 9-14-1881, d. 10-28-1882
Brown, Dora V., wife of Hiram M. Brown, b. 5-5-1861, d. 10-23-1905
Brown, E.L., b. 9-13-1882, d. 7-5-1883
Brown, Ella, J., daughter of C.L. & M.M. Brown, b. 12-2-1862, d. 1-6-1878
Brown, H.D., b. 8-22-1898, d. 3-15-1899
Brown, H.G., b. 8-18-1880, d. 9-5-1880
Brown, Hiram M., b. 5-11-1856, d. 9-29-1899
Brown, J.G., 2-25-1876 (no other dates shown)
Brown, Maggie, daughter of J.L. & M.E. Brown, b. 1-19-1869, d. 7-28-1873
Brown, Margaret, wife of Rev. D.M. Brown, 1861-1949
Brown, Mary Eufala, b. 10-15-1881, d. 9-11-1885
Brown, Mattie C., infant daughter of J.L. & M.E. Brown, b. 10-20-1883, d. 10-1-1884
Brown, twin sons of Hiram M. & Dora V. Brown, b. & d. 12-20-1890
Brown, Reverend D.M., 1849-1935
Brown, W.G., b. 1-14-1874, d. 11-3-1875

Bryan, Dollie, daughter of S.B. & M.E. Bryan, b. 4-20-1895, d. 2-18-1896
Bryan, Pattie, daughter of S.B. & M.E. Bryan, b. 3-12-1884, d. 11-2-1898
Bryan, (infant son of S.B. & M.E. Bryan)
Bryan, (infant son of S.B. & M.E. Bryan
Bryan, (infant son of S.B. & M.E.), b. 10-6-1900, d. 10-26-1900
Bryan, infant son of S.B. & M.E.

Buchanan, Nancy
Buchanan, S.C.

Burns, Annie N., 11-23-1894, d. 3-22-1968
Burns, Benjamin Franklin, Confederate States of America (CSA), b. 1-13-1845, d. 2-26-1930
Burns, Clara (Matthews), wife of B.F. Burns, b. 9-12-1859, d. 9-15-1928
Burns, Iona D. (or Burns, Ona C.), b. 1-6-1890, d. 9-23-1910
Cain, Benjamin F., husband of Maggie V. (Gillis) Cain, b. 7-3-1862, d. 12-5- 1891

Caldwell, Eunice, b. 10-30-1917, d. 2-16-1988
Caldwell, James Alvin, b. 1-20-1933, d. 2-22-1933
Caldwell, William Joe, b. 10-6-1950, d. 10-8-1950

Carnes, Marvin, b. 12-11-1911, d. 6-11-1946

Chamberlain, John W., b. 7-23-1877, d. 3-16-1881

Chappell, Thomas J., W.W. II: PFC, U.S. Army, b. 3-24-1920, d. 1-21-1982

Churches, Mary, b. 7-9-1864, d. 8-8-1884

Clark, Eliza, b. 1-15-1820, d. 1-1-1894

Cobb, E.L. b. 11-23-1879, d. 2-19-1918 (Woodmen of the World)

Cooper, Elias, b. 2-10-1886, d.4-17-1953
Cooper, Lela, daughter of Frank & Eula Cooper, b. 3-2-1905, d.8-29-1911
Cooper, Lula, 4-17-1953, age 67 years, 2 months, 7 days
Cooper, Pink Edwards, 1920-1922
Cooper, Susan K. d. 3-23-1958?, age 68 years
Cooper, Verna, daughter of Frank & Eula Cooper, b. 2-14-1905, d. 8-29-1911

Crabb, B.C., b. 3-17-1850, d. 11-27-1923
Crabb, John W., b. 6-13-1875, d. 1-19-1944
Crabb, Mrs. M. Ellen, b. 10-29-1852, d. 3-29-1936
Crabb, Melvie M., b. 4-11-1898, d. 10-27-1900
Crabb, Robert T., W.W. II: Pvt., U.S. Army, b. 9-21-1917, d. 1-9-1973
Crabb, Tom E., b. 5-30-1890, d. 3-19-1930
Crabb, Winnie M., wife of John W. Crabb, b. 1-11-1876, d. 4-2-1955

Crawford, Berry, 1863-1897
Crawford, infant son of P.C. & Dovey Crawford, b. 8-10-1902, d. 8-14-1902
Crofford, (sic, �Crawford�), Mary M., wife of R.H. Crofford, b. 1832, d. 1-19-1896

Crowell, John, b. 5-3-1866, d. 1-5-1973
Crowell, John W. (Buck), b. 4-21-1908, d. 10-27-1975
Crowell, Mary, wife of John Crowell, b. 10-16-1887, d. 5-22-1972

Davidson, Carrie Fore (inscribed �Mother�), 1882-1959
Davidson, Emily M. b. 10-3-1824, d. 11-4-1893 (Emily Yates Davidson)
Davidson, Estelle, d. 7-15-1888 (aged 8 years)
Davidson, Frank, b. 1-19-1855, d. 4-28-1884 (Benjamin Franklin, son of Emily)
Davidson, Henry M., son of Emily Davidson, b. 1-2-1867, d. 11-13-1929
Davidson, Icy Viola, daughter of J.H. & R. Davidson, b. 8-5-1887, d. 5-25-1890
Davidson, Jimmie (Cotton), wife of T.E. Davidson, b. 8-3-1912, no death date
Davidson, J. H. (John Hood Davidson, son of Emily Davidson), b. 9-6-1848, d. 12- 17-1895
Davidson, Lena Payne, wife of H.M. Davidson, b. 11-7-1888, d. 4-12-1987
Davidson, Martha A. twin to J.H., b. 9-6-1848, d. 3-22-1916
Davidson, T.E. (Ted), b. 7-19-1910, d. 7-18-1982 (son of H.M. Davidson & Lena)

Davis, Charles T., son of J.J. & N.J. Davis, b. 4-21-1872, d. 9-9-1900
Davis, Mrs. J. Si, Jr., 1899-1928
Davis, Jonathan J., CSA: 2nd Lt. Co. d. 30 Regt. of Mississippi Infantry (an old stone names him: Reverend J.J. Davis), b. 2-17-1833, d. 9-13-1905
Davis, L.N., wife of T.D. Davis, (inscribed �Mother�), b. 7-1-1847, d. 8-24-1922
Davis, Mollie, wife of Si Davis, b. 7-5-1846, d. 2-23-1898
Davis, Mrs. N. J. (Nancy Jane), wife of J.J. Davis, b. 10-6-1843, d. 2-14-1905, daughter of Emily Davidson
Davis, Sula, daughter of Si & M.A. Davis, b. 10-24-1868, d. 2-13-1873
Davis, Taylor, b. 3-1-1905, d. 7/- /1906
Davis, T.D., b. 7-15-1851, d. 2-28-1921
Davis, U.C. (Uriah Collins), b. 8-17-1860, d. 12-28-1874, son of J.J. Davis
Davis, William, son of J.J. & N.J. Davis, b. 3-6-1871, d. 7-8-1871

Doherty, Effie Snider, 1901-1968

Donley, Bobbie Lois, b. 3-11-1913, d. 1-18-1928
Donley, James W., b. 4-5-1881, d. 6-11-1954
Donley, Lorena L., wife of J.W. Donley, b. 1-1-1889, d. 12-13-1961

Dunagin, Mabel Jennings, b. 4-24-1893, d. 10-25-1967
Dunagin, Nora Leguin, wife of Wm. T. Dunagin, 1869-1958
Dunagin, Walter M., b. 11-5-1886, d. 9-22-1923
Dunagin, William Thomas, 1862-1925

Fore, Alvin Webb, b. 9-25-1897, d. 9-9-1982
Fore, Bertha J., 1887-1961
Fore, Lillyan H., b. 3-25-1895, d. 12-20-1978
Fore, Little Esther, daughter of R.B. & M.C. Fore, b. 11-3-1893, d. 11-29-1893
Fore, Louis Henry, W.W.I: Pvt. Infantry (inscribed �Son�), b. 11-25-1886, d. 12- 23-1966
Fore, Mattie C., 1861-1907
Fore, Minnie Stella, (inscribed �Sister�), 1889-1908
Fore, R.B. (Ben). Jr., (inscribed �Son�), 1884-1962
Fore, Robert B. & Mattie C. Fore, no dates
Fore, Robert B. Sr., (inscribed �Father�), 1853-1937
Fore, Robert Zepha, (inscribed �Sister�), 1892-1914
Fore, Ross L., 12-25-1922 (no other date on tombstone)
Fore, Thomas B., husband of Velda Childress, b. 9-9-1926, d. 7-2-1988

Foshee, Opal Yates, (inscribed �Sister�), b. 1-24-1916, d. 10-31-1930

Gibbs, Rhoda U.(or Rhonda O.), b. 6-2-1868, d. 11-13-1918

Gibson, Virginia A., wife of Wm. M. Gibson, b. 2-21-1874, d. 11-17-1954
Gibson, William M., b. 12-7-1860, d. 3-24-1940

Gillis, Norman A., b. 9-13-1838, d. 4-18-1884
Gillis, Rebecca Josephine, b. 7-9-1844, d. 11-10-1912

Godfrey, Lott, b. 11-29-1871, d. 3-25-1907
Godfrey, Lott Leguin, U.S.-Mexican War: Captain Sutton�s Company, 1st. wife, Emily Biggs, 2nd. wife Nancy Roark, b. 5-7-1823, d. 1-5-1916
Godfrey, Nancy (�Nannie�) Roark, 2nd. wife of L.L. Godfrey, b. 12-22-1843, d. 1- 30-1884

Goodman, Euna J. (or Lunie J.)(Junie), b. 8-6-1874, d. 10-2-1895
Goodman, Marie, wife of A.J. Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Davidson, daughter of Emily Davidson, b. 9-14-1848, d. 4-23-1904

Gough, Icy Heard, (Williams), wife of J.A. Lee Gough, daughter of James W. & Ada A. (Johnson), Williams, 1893-1964
Gough, J.A. Lee, 1890-1936
Gough, James F., 1919-1920
Gough, Rupert Lee, 1913-1935

Graham, Baby (�DLG� is only identification)
Graham, Billy Joe, (inscribed �Our Darling�), 11-16-1937 (no other date)
Graham, Charles Robert, b. 3-2-1892, d. 11-22-1918
Graham, Daisy Pauline, daughter of C. Robert & W. Clara Graham, b. 9-30-1914, d. 11-13-1918
Graham, Daniel Marion, b. 5-6-1859, d. 2-26-1936
Graham, Ella T., 2nd. wife of Daniel Marion Graham, (inscribed �Mother�), 1866- 1941
Graham, Fannie M., 1st. wife of Daniel Marion Graham, b. 5-22-1864, d. 2-15-1898
Graham, George B., son of D.M. & F.M. Graham, b. 1-26-1884, d. 12-6-1901
Graham, Julia, wife of Newton T. Graham, b. 10-14-1886, d. 10-4-1956
Graham, Lucy Fay, b. 12-20-1912, d. 4-19-1937
Graham, Maggie Bell, b. 11-18-1900, d. 11-4-1918
Graham, Newton T., b. 1-10-1886, d. 1966
Graham, Rose Nell, wife of Wm. Henry Graham, b. 4-25-1895, d. 11-10-1918
Graham, Talbert Acie, son of Edgar & Jessie Graham, b. 12-18-1917, d. 11-22- 1918
Graham, William Henry, b. 12-1-1886, d, 11-6-1918
Graham, Willie Clara, wife of Charles Robert Graham, b. 3-14-1897, d. 11-5-1918

Griffin, Ida Mae, b. 11-10-1889, d. 10-30-1959

Havens, Frankie, (inscribed �At Rest�), b. 5-6-1870, d. 1911

Headley, Miss Jo Nelle, d. 8-19-1966, aged 18 years (may be 1962)
Headley, Philip,1948-1967
Headley, William B., d. 1-5-1979, aged 66 years

Herscher, J. Albert, 11-24-1938, no other date on tombstone

Higgins, Alton Brooks, son of M. & M. Higgins, b. 3-17-1917, d, 2-13-1919
Higgins, Mattie L., wife of Maxie Higgins, b. 9-27-1895, d. 11-1-1976

Received the following email from a grandson of Maxie Higgins, "James M. Higgins" ( shared the following stories with us:

On Nov 1, 1976 Mattie who was English passed away and Maxie died on Oct 24, 1979. Maxie's mom was Cherokee and his dad was Irish. Maxie was very strong. If any of his friends machinery broke down and his friends couldn't untighten the bolts on tractors and other machinery they would call Maxie. He also was very good with numbers. He could calculate almost anything in his head without writing it down. That is one thing I inherited from him. He loved his grandchildren and was lots of fun to be around. Mattie was very quite, but sweet and was always taking good care of Maxie. Just saw the ABC News article the other day that indicates most Irishmen are descendants of King Niall of Ireland. Using DNA tests, scientists at Trinity College in Dublin discovered that many Irishmen traced their line back to a 5th-century Irish ruler named, Niall of the Nine Hostages. .

James Maximilian Higgins

Higgins, Maxie, b. 7-25-1891, d. 1979

Hightower, Clara Mae (Williams), (inscribed �Mother�), wife of V. Clayton Hightower, daughter of Virgil M. & Harriett (Brown) Williams, 1904-1939
Hightower, V. Clayton, (inscribed �Father�), 1904-1966

Hollingsworth, Nannie M., wife of R.M. Hollingsworth, b. 5-18-1893, d. 9-4-1940
Hollingsworth, J.T., W.W.II: Sgt., 9th. Infantry, 30th. Inf. Division, b. 1-28-1915, d. 8- 18-1971
Hollingsworth, Robert, 1923-1980
Hollingsworth, Robert M., b. 5-9-1886, d. 3-27-1943

Hooker, Carl A., W.W.II: Cpl., U.S. Army, b. 12-11-1908, d. 10-17-1976
Hooker, Eva E. (Allen), wife of George D. Hooker, daughter of John Wesley & Zias Ellouise (Davis) Allen, b. 10-16-1872, d. 6-9-1962
Hooker, George D., b. 9-17-1868, d. 8-21-1939

Hughes, Z.E., (inscribed on same stone as Mary Churches), b. 4-22-1881, d. 8-8- 1884

Jackson, infant twins of G.S. & M.A. (Lewis) Jackson, b. & d. 10-17-1918
Jackson, Maude (Lewis), (inscribed �Mother�), (no dates)

Johnson, Henry, b. 9-28-1866, d. 4-29-1931
Johnson, Martha, wife of Henry Johnson, b. 5-20-1875, d. 7-29-1936
Johnson, M.R.A., wife of W.J. Johnson, b. 7-30-1851, d. 11-16-1932
Johnson, W.E., b. 11-10-1878, d. 9-8-1900
Johnson, W.J., b. 8-28-1842, d. 10-29-1923
Johnson, William Elza, b. 4-30-1892, d. 3-10-1938

Jones, Elizabeth, wife of M.G. Jones, b. 4-21-1833, d. 9-10-1888
Jones, Everett Lee, (inscribed �My Daddy�), b. 9-20-1918, d. 8-30-1967
Jones, Laura M., daughter of M.G. & E. Jones, b. 2-6-1862, d. 9-24-1869
Jones, Elder M. G., b. 4-1-1833, d. 9-13-1890

Kay, Lettie, wife of W.M. Kay, 1886-1966
Kay, M.J. (child�s grave)
Kay, Nannie Newel, wife of William Kay, b. 3-19-1884, d. 1-30-1906
Kay, Ollia, daughter of E.L. & N.J. Kay, b. 12-28-1885, d. 11-24-1886
Kay, Oscar, son of E.L. & N.J. Kay, b. 3-18-1879, d. 10-22-1880
Kay, Sterlin(g), son of E.L. & N.J. Kay, b. 9-17-1894, d. 10-2-1894
Kay, W.M., 1881-1974

Keaton, Ethel, daughter of J.M. & M.F. Keaton, b. 8-26-1896, d. 7-9-1897

Kennedy, Georgia Janette, wife of J.C. Kennedy, b. 1-31-1882, d. 10-11-1912
Kennedy, J.C., b. 3-23-1871, d. 11-12-1945
Kreaton, infant daughter of J.M. & M.F. Keaton, b. 2-2-1895, d. 2-24-1895

Kindred, C.J., son of Claud J.& Maude Kindred, b. & d. 8-11-1915
Kindred, Claud J., b. 2-16-1893, d. 12-6-1969
Kindred, Eddie, b. 9-7-1907, d. 9-19-1960
Kindred, Florene, wife of Eddie Kindred, b. 6-23-1910, married 8-13-1927, d. 12- 26-1985
Kindred, James R., b. 7-4-1873, d. 12-17-1942
Kindred, Lillie D., b. 8-7-1901, d. 11-3-1991
Kindred, Maude, b. 1894, d. 8-22-1915
Kindred, Mollie E., wife of J.R. Kindred, b.12-23-1874, d. 1-3-1961

LaBaume, Loyle V., b. 6-21-1913, no death date
LaBaume, Rita M., b. 3-7-1921, d. 10-7-1975

Lansford, Bobbie, (inscribed �Father�), b. 1-14-1893, d, 11-19-1936
Lansford, Emma Eula, wife of Bobbie Lansford, (inscribed �Mother�), b. 10-26-1895, d. 2-4-1978

Latta, (or Lotta), John, W.W.I: Oklahoma, PFC, 31 Co., 165 Depot Brigade, b. 12-25-1893, d. 2-6-1967

Laxson, Edward Earl, husband of Hattie Williams, 1893-1938
Laxson, Jess B., b. 6-8-1898, d. 1-13-1980

Lewis, Alma Ruth, daughter of Wiley Brooks & Gattie M. Lewis, b. 9-21-1905, d. 8-9-1907
Lewis, Bettie, wife of H.W. Lewis, b. 11-28-1876, d. 9-17-1915
Lewis, Fannie V., wife of Rev. T. Ezell Lewis, b. 8-5-1892, no death date
Lewis, Gattie M. wife of Wiley Brooks Lewis, b. 5-3-1873, d. 3-27-1908
Lewis, George Roy, son of H.W. & E.A. Lewis, b. 12-2-1897, d. 2-21-1901
Lewis, Hugh Chester, son of H.W. & E.A. Lewis, b. 9-22-1899, d. 2-18-1924
Lewis, Hugh W., b. 6-6-1871, d. 2-27-1948
Lewis, Iona, b. 1-2-1915, d. 11-19-1917
Lewis, Lizzie Bloxom, b. 10-30-1882, d. 8-17-1960
Lewis, Lona Louise, wife of Wm. T. Lewis, 1874-1961
Lewis, Matilda A., b. 2-2-1865, d. 4-15-1894
Lewis, Nellie M., d. 4-29-1978, aged 79 years
Lewis, Sarah S., b. 2-7-1901, d. 1-19-1904
Lewis, Reverend T. Ezell, b. 9-10-1890, d. 8-28-1956
Lewis, Walter Wright, son of H.W. & E.A. Lewis, b.9-22-1893, d. 5-16-1911
Lewis, Wiley Brooks, b. 3-24-1869, d. 4-1-1908
Lewis, William T., 1859-1959

Lloyd, Altha Lorene (Williams), wife of Newton G. Lloyd, daughter of James W. & Ada (Johnson) Williams, b. 2-24-1901, d. 1-4-1984
Lloyd, Aubrey Newton, 1-24-1925, no other dates
Lloyd, Mrs. Kate, b. 1-18-1871, d. 8-30-1942
Lloyd, Newton Gilford, b. 2-3-1901, d. 7-14-1972
Lloyd, W.G., CSA: Co. C, 3rd S.C. Lt. Artillery, no dates

Madry, Mrs. America M., b. 3-15-1859, d. 4-28-1944
Madry, E.C., b. 10-24-1853, d. 2-21-1912
Madry, Martha A., wife of J.C. Madry, b. 2-23-1824, d. 4-5-1897 or 1887

Martin, Will L. , b. 8-21-1880, d. 9-27-1921
Martin, Exar L., wife of Will L. Martin, b. 3-2-1890, d. 3-5-1974
Martin, Raymond B., b. 4-12-1912, d. 7-2-1953

Massey, Hazel Yates, (Daughter) b. 2-13-1911, d. 9-16-1978

Matthews, Will H., b. 6-8-1864, d. 10-6-1944

McClain, James Leonidas, CSA: Co. K, 9 La. Inf., (no dates)

McKinley, Matilda Caroline (Miller), 2nd wife of John Carson McKinley, b. 11-23- 1863, d. 6-13-1915
McKinley, Albert J., son of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b. 6-29-1894, d. 1-19-1898
McKinley, Carl, son of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b. 7-7-1901, d. 7-11-1917
McKinley, Carrie E., daughter of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b. 3-11-1892, d. 4-16-1892
McKinley, infant of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b. & d. 2-18-1897
McKinley, John Carson, son of James Franklin & Mary Frances Amelia(Paschall), b. 12-6-1860, d. 7-1-1948
McKinley, Junia, wife of J.C. McKinley, daughter of Nancy Jane and J.J. Davis, b. 10-29-1863, d. 2-27-1893
McKinley, Lola F., daughter of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b.9-27-1899, d. 10-26-1900
McKinley, Marvin L. , son of J.C. & M.C. McKinley, b. 10-9-1895, d. 12-28-1897
McKinley, Stella I., daughter of J.C. & M. C. McKinley, b. 1-23-1886, d. 2-21-1889

McKlesky, Bertha Ree, wife of J.T. McKlesky, b. 1-14-1893, d. 6-2-1976
McKlesky, John T., b. 6-8-1886, d. 3-18-1955

Meador, Amanda M., wife of Fleming Meador, 1845-1927
Meador, Aro E., (�Sister�), b. 6-30-1879, d. 9-6-1948
Meador, Fleming, CSA: Cpl., Co. A., 11th Mounted Infantry. no dates Meador, Lucy E., wife of R.L. Meador, 1883-19__
Meador, Robert L., 1887-1950

Miller, Ruth, daughter of J.F. & I Miller, b. 9-15-1868, d. 7-26-1885

Moore, Eliza Clark, wife of W.B. Moore, b. 3-13-1870, d. 8-20-1905

Myatt, Braxton, b. 1-8-1867, d. 12-15-1947
Myatt, Jennie, wife of Braxton Myatt, b. 12-9-1867, d. 3-27-1961
Myatt, Nannie, (inscribed �At Rest�), b. 1840, d. 4-9-1894
Myatt, William H., CSA: Pvt., 20th Texas Infantry (father of Annie Yates), b. 7-28-1834, d. 11-25-1904

Nicholson, Dennis E. , Jr., b. 2-10-1943, d. 2-11-1943

Norquist, Alfred, W.W.I.: Pvt., U.S. Army, b. 6-21-1888, d. 12-13-1969

Page, Mattie, daughter of H. & M. Page, b. 6-2-1882, d. 4-6-1889 (might be Pace)

Pamplin, Clementina C. (Holman), wife of John W. Pamplin, b. 5-4-1836, d. 2-14- 1899
Pamplin, Infant of T.O. & M.V., b. 10-11-1899, d. 10-11-1899
Pamplin, Infant of T.O. & M.V. Pamplin, b. 2-13-1904, d. 2-13-1904
Pamplin, John W., son of Robert Jennings & Elizabeth Pamplin, b. 8-13-1827, d. 8- 21-1889
Pamplin, Mamie Virginia (Dunn), wife of Thomas Oscar Pamplin, b. 8-30-1882, d. 6-12-1972
Pamplin, Nellie Wilson, b. 8-10-1901, d. 3-16-1908
Pamplin, Reuben Alexander, son of Wilson A. & Marie Virginia (Brown) Pamplin, b. 6-29-1871, d. 4-18-1915
Pamplin, Thomas Oscar, b. 5-25-1876, d. 5-17-1948

Perry, Absalom, b. 2-27-1807, d. 2-18-1890
Perry, Adeline, wife of Absalom Perry, b. 2-15-1841, d. 2-3-1915
Perry, James H., son of Absalom & Adeline Perry, b. 6-10-1870, d. 11-17-1873
Perry, Willis M., son of Absalom & Adeline Perry, b. 8-30-1878, d. 12-18-1886

Pillow, Carrie, (inscribed �Mother�), b. 9-30-1870, d. 3-15-1954

Pittman, J.W., b. 9-21-1840, d. 7-15-1904
Pittman, Mary C., daughter of J.W. & M.G. Pittman, b. 8-18-1895, d. 8-19-1895
Pittman, Mattie G., wife of J.W. Pittman, b. 12-22-1850, d. 6-30-1903

Preston, Emma, wife of William H. Preston, 1867-1929
Preston, Henry R., b. 5-20-1903, d. 7-15-1973
Preston, John M., b. 9-9-1888, d. 2-16-1954
Preston, Murial Anthon, daughter of J.M. & V.M. Preston, b. 8-7-1914, d. 7-9-1920
Preston, Ruby I., wife of H.R. Preston, b. 9-8-1905, d. 12-15-1988 ?????????
Preston, Vivian M. wife of John M. Preston, b. 1-3-1894, no death date
Preston, William H., 1862-1935

Pringle, Baby (no other identification), b. 5-22-1920, d. 5-26-1920
Pringle, Beatrice Helen, (�Bea�), wife of C.T. Pringle, b. 6-16-1909, married 12-24- 1925 (no death date)
Pringle, Charles H., b. 9-25-1887, d. 1-22-1962
Pringle, Clyde Thomas (�Doc�), b. 1-7-1905, d. 5-22-1966
Pringle, Darling Randy, son of Wayne & Juanita Pringle, b. 10-4-1963, d. 10-5- 1963
Pringle, Helen L., b. 2-12-1948, d. 10-24-1950
Pringle, Minnie B., b. 1-21-1890, d. 8-2-1944
Pringle, Stella K., b. 6-23-1893, d. 10-17-1951
Pringle, Susan M., daughter of M.J. & M.T. Pringle, b. 11-21-1874, d. 6-24-1874 ??????

Pollard, F.F., d. 9-22-1900

Puckett, Linda Yvonne, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Puckett, 2-27-1971 (only one date on tombstone)

Pyland, Mollie, E., 1861-1909

Ray, G.W., b. 12-23-1872, d. 11-4-1957
Ray, Martha J., wife of G.W. Ray, b. 1-6-1885, d. 4-18-1970

Reddock, R.J. (no dates)
Rhodes, Geneva B., wife of W.H. Rhodes, b. 2-17-1879, d. 2-6-1963
Rhodes, Jim E., 3-24-1878, d. 7-24-1900
Rhodes, Walter H., b. 1-20-1873, d. 7-24-1900

Riddle, Sarah, (inscribed �Granny�), 1857-1929

Riggs, John M., 1880-1971
Riggs, John Edgar Riggs--son
Riggs, Nancy Eliz. Crabb Riggs--mother

Roberson, W.E., Sr., b. 6-22-1827, d. 12-5-1890

Roddam, John W. , b. 7-17-1879, d. 9-9-1936
Roddam, Lula F., wife of John W., b. 1-20-1880, d. 1-29-1949

Samford, Annie Lee, wife of H.V. Samford, b. 3-9-1910, d. 11-30-1977
Samford, Durwood L., b. 4-20-1929, d. 5-19-1958
Samford, Gloria W. wife of D.L. Samford, b. 1-28-1929, (no death date)
Samford, Herman V., b. 8-7-1902, d. 1-11-1974

Sanders, Lois, (inscribed �Daughter�), 1907-1910
Sanders, Rufus S., (inscribed �Father�), b. 2-9-1886, d. 9-9-1923

Self, Ruben, b. 7-25-1893, d. 7-10-1976

Sherman, Marjorie, wife of T.D. Sherman, b. 7-16-1930, d. 10-24-1971
Sherman, Roger David, (inscribed �An Angel at Rest�), son of T.D. & M. Sherman, b. & d. 9-14-1958
Sherman, Thomas D., b. 3-31-1924, no death date

Snider, Baxter F., b. 4-12-????, d. 9-23-1937
Snider, Delila, daughter of J.M. & M.P. Snider, b. 11-29-1889, d. 10-1-1893
Snider, J.M., b. 5-26-1841, d. 10-4-1897
Snider, J.W., b. 11-14-1869, d. 9-28-1880
Snider, Margaret Nina, b. 1-25-1861, d. 8-13-1936
Snider, Mary Ann (Yates), wife of J.M. Snider, b.9-7-1850, d. 4-6-1880
Snider, Roy, b. 4-14-1894, d. 9-11-1925

Springfield, Eva Grace, daughter of Mattie Grace Norquist, b. 3-4-1918, d. 5-22-1936

Stewart, Claude W., W.W.I.: PFC, U.S. Army, b. 8-31-1893, d. 4-13-1972
Stewart, Willie L., b. 2-23-1899, d. 7-13-1965

Swanner, Emmie B. �Sister,� b. 8-10-1890, d. 3-6-1973
Swanner, Walter T. �Brother,� b. 12-5-1892, d. 4-9-1936

Sweatt, Beathny (�Bethany�?), wife of J.W. Sweatt, b. 3-6-1849, d. 12-25-1886 (or 1887)
Sweatt, J.W., b. 2-29-1848, d. 10-11-1886

Swinnea, Melissa Diane, d. 8-23-1978, aged one day

Thomas, Amelia, b. 9-21-1908, d. 11-30-1931
Tyner, Roberta A., wife of W.R. Tyner, b. 4-15-1907, d. 8-9-1980
Tyner, Warren R. b. 2-25-1907, d. 12-4-1980

Ware, Edward B., W.W.II & Korea: S. Sgt., U.S. Army, b. 6-11-1920, d. 12-13- 1970
Ware, Meredith O., W.W.I: Wagoner, 11th Infantry, 5th Division, b. 2-2-1896, d. 6-8-1952

Washburn, Laura, wife of H. Washburn, b. 5-6-1875, d. 11-14-1895

Webb, Johnny L., 1926-1977

Webster, Cathern, b. 1-11-1835, d. 11-9-1917
Webster, F.M., b. 6-16-1860, d. 3-1-1941

Wedgeworth, Charles A., W.W.II: Cpl., U.S. Army, b. 7-18-1929, d. 2-3-1972

Whittington, Ella M. (Perry), 1875-1901
Whittington, Leslie, son of L.W. & M.E. Whittington, (inscribed �Son�), b. 9-2-1896, d. 6-7-1899

Williams, Ada A. (Johnson), wife of James W. Williams, 5-28-1872, d. 8-25-1934
Williams, Billy L., son of Virgil M. & Harriett (Brown) Williams, 1872-1947
Williams, Clide B., b. 12-24-1902, d. 1-27-1972
Williams, James W., son of Virgil M. & Harriet (Brown) Williams, b. 3-18-1870, d. 11-27-1954
Williams, Maude Ella, b. 3-10-1900, d. 10-3-1926
Williams, O.T., no dates
Williams, Ollie U. (Matthews), wife of Billy L. Williams, 1873-1951
Williams, Reva V., wife of Clide B. Williams, b. 9-14-1905, 12-14-1973
Williams, Shirley Ann, b. 6-9-1948, d. 6-20-1948
Williams, Virgie Uriah, child of B.L. & O.U. Williams, b. 1-7-1908, d. 6-16-1911
Williams, William Leland, b. 5-8-1906, d. 12-1-1974
Williams, Willie Allene, b. 8-24-1894, d. 10-27-1912

Wilson, Horace A., W.W.II: U.S. Navy, b. 10-11-1926, d. 8-22-1976

Wright, Lewis, b. 11-12-1812, d. 1-31-1900

Yates, Annie E., wife of J.W. Yates, (inscribed �Mother�), b. 3-28-1882, d. 10-7- 1971
Yates, J.W., (John William) (inscribed � Father�), b. 7-28-1869, d. 8-4-1941 11-11-1997

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Kosse Area Settlement (Reagan).

Kosse Area Settlement (Marlin).

Kosse Area Settlement (Bremond).

Kosse Area Restaurant-the famous Coalmine Restaurant in Bremond

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